The second stage of ICO from Telegram is not far off?

According to various sources, the CEO of Telegram, Pavel Durov, has already collected eight hundred and fifty million dollars for the ICO, it also invested in such giants as Benchmark and Sequoia Capital. Now reports from Verge assume a second stage of the ICO, in which Durov plans to collect about the same amount before the tokens become available to all users.

If the idea of ​​Pavel Durov is successful, he will receive one billion six hundred million dollars even before the ICO disappears. Telegram is already the largest in the world offer, followed by the Venezuelan crypto currency – Petro. After the ICO, many market analysts criticized the TON, to which Telegram collected money. Also, many put this ICO in doubt, including analysts of our site put forward their assumption on this issue.

Omelyan Gonchar, a financial analyst from Kiev, said:

"It's all just hype and speculation. If people think that Bitcoin is advertising, then TON Telegram is a super-duper bloated advertisement. There is no detailed explanation about the use of the tools and why users need it. "

Casper Jarveklyul, a security adviser at Beel and Clark, says:

"There is a template for all ICOs, the technical document is becoming more like an ad unit, and not the technical documentation of its purpose."

Ben Kronji, VC's financial advisor in Cape Town, states:

"We know about many companies that would like to invest in the ICO only because of interest from the media."

It should be noted that Pavel Durov himself did not give any official comments about this ICO, which leads to interesting reasoning.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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