Reputable Asset Management Firm Invests $500,000 into HADA DBank Project

HADA DBank, which is the first ever Islamic bank to integrate blockchain technology into its processes, has received a whopping $500,000 investment from an asset management firm known as DE Asset Management Limited. Both firms have now inked a long-term deal.

The innovative Islamic bank is excited to announce its strategic partnership with DE Asset Management Limited. The asset management firm has invested in various projects in the past and is now looking to create its cryptocurrency fund using Hada DBank.

DE Asset Management used the invested amount to buy a huge chunk of the bank’s token in its ongoing presale.

The asset management company has been funding startups in North America, Middle East, the UK and South East Asia Since 2013.

DE Asset Management Limited was created in 2010 under the name Darell Emmanuel Asset Management. The firm has invested in the energy sector, employment industry, and health sector. The firm recorded astounding successes in all its areas of investment.

However, in 2017, due to the success of the crypto market, the team decided to also invest in the cryptocurrency industry and have now succeeded in funding quite a number of startups via ICOs.

The president of DE Asset Management Limited said:

“Hada DBank is a very promising project, with a highly ambitious team and great working ethics overall. I personally believe in this project and foresee the company will soar in value in the near future. The relationship between DE and Hada DBank is a symbiotic one and the best way for both to benefit is to grow together. DE will continue to support Hada DBank in the long run, and this is proven by our decisions to procure HADACoins.”

The CEO of Hada DBank, Mohd Al-Shazanous also said that:

“Hada DBank is very happy and looks forward to a long and prosperous partnership with DE Asset Management Limited.”

The CEO expressed optimism that this partnership will help both firms succeed in their bid to become a force to reckon with in the crypto industry.

Hada DBank in Brief

HADA DBank is the Islamic bank with a vision for the future. Being the first bank to integrate blockchain technology, the bank is poised to offer an excellent banking system to its clients.

The bank uses the power of blockchain to offer a highly secure and transparent system while Islamic banking gives customers excellent investment benefits as well as a high standard of service.

HADA DBank presale is live now. The first 1 million tokens are up for grabs at a conversion rate of 1ETH = 4,000 HADACOIN.

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