New virtual currency, Niobium Coin (NBC) will be the "fuel" of the world’s first Exchange for business digital currencies

A new member has just been added to the list of successful cryptocurrencies. On January 15, 2018, crowd sale began for Niobium Coin (NBC), the first virtual currency of Austro-Brazilian origin, developed to raise funds for the new Business Virtual Currencies Exchange of São Paulo (BOMESP – Bolsa de moedas virtuais empresariais de São Paulo), which will operate globally, and be highly attractive to businesses of all sizes. To purchase niobium and participate in the ICO, just go to

Niobium has got everything it takes to be added to the list of the world’s most desirable cryptocurrencies. This is because, in a decision without precedent in the domain of market regulatory agencies all over the world, the new cryptocurrency has been given a green light by Brazil’s Securities Commission (CVM – Comissão de Valores Mobiliários).

This is no small thing: it’s Brazil’s equivalent of the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). The decision was announced at the beginning of 2018, when the CVM, which is associated with Brazil’s Ministry of the Treasury, concluded that Niobium Coin (NBC) is not a security.

“With the green light from the Brazilian SEC, the expectation is that, when we launch the crowd sale of Niobium Coins, we will have an even greater demand starting now,” exults BOMESP Director, Fernando Barrueco.

Niobium was developed by the Niobium Foundation, an international non-profit organization made up of global authorities on virtual currencies. The new digital currency was formatted using the most cutting edge Blockchain technology available, Ethereum (ETH) smart contracts. “The idea is that any juridical person can raise funds through the issue of its own digital coins,” explains Barrueco, who is also legal advisor of the Niobium Foundation.

BOMESP has come to revolutionize ICOs all over the world, opening up hitherto unimagined space for small, medium and large firms whose financing for their projects is totally dependent on banks and capital markets.

Niobium will be able to be used for transactions and investments, enabling companies, associations, and even third sector organizations to participate in BOMESP issuing their own digital coins.

This means that it will be the reference currency as well as the exchange currency for transactions conducted on the recently launched cryptocurrencies exchange. According to Barrueco, BOMESP will offer a cheap, fast, safe and reliable alternative for companies to finance themselves.

The valuation of NIOBIUM will be governed by supply and demand. Upon issue, each Niobium will be worth 1/600 of an Ethereum (ETH). Thus, upon issue, it will be possible to buy 600 Niobiums with one Ethereum. Its acceptance by Brazilian SEC is new hope for people who have put their resources in the crypto world.

Owing to the fact that, now, it will be accepted by large part of business communities. As the returns are high, businesses will automatically move towards these means and hence bringing other stakeholders closer to the world of crypto.

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