New ICO listed: Coinseed, Joy Gaming, Rexpax, Clinicoin, CoinMetro ICO

Coinseed ICO aims to solve this problem by providing easy access for the people to make microinvestments in cryptocurrencies. Our users can link their credit card and pick the portfolio of cryptocurrencies that they want to invest in. The rest is on us. We will automatically collect the spare change by rounding up their purchase’s amount to the next dollar. Additionally, our users can convert their existing portfolio into a new one. We call this feature “Portfolio Management” and no other cryptocurrency platform has this feature of converting a portfolio into another portfolio. Currently, we have 8 different cryptocurrencies on our platform including: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ripple, Monero, Litecoin and ZCash. We are adding more cryptocurrencies every month.

Joy Gaming’s technology offers a novel solution to connect small developers, software houses, large casinos and players. It creates a gaming ecosystem that both empowers players and helps developers and casinos reduce risk. The lack of trust and transparency is a concern with the online gambling industry. Players tend to use reputable casinos instead of smaller sites, even if they offer more “interesting games”, because players naturally gravitate to casino brands that they trust. Joy Gaming’s technology is a transparent blockchain-based system, which will help improve trust in the gaming industry. Joy Gaming’s technology enables users to play in a transparent and code- governed environment. This allows players and developers to have confidence in the fairness of the games.

Rexpax ICO is World’s First Home Online. We’re creating a new paradigm of owning: items unite people! Encouraging people to trust, we’re creating conditions for mutual consumption of items and services, which is changing life for the better. We’re giving users free access to the global world of items and help to reach a new level of unity, communication and trust between all people.

Clinicoin’s mission is to connect people, providers, researchers, and developers in delivering on the true potential of health technologies, worldwide. We believe collaboration, not competition, will be the driving force behind the success of global health and wellness.

Utilizing mobile technologies, human social interactions, and the blockchain, Clinicoin ICO seeks to empower people in their health and wellness, while providing organizations with simple, affordable, and innovative tools to achieve desired health outcomes in the digital age.

Designed for mainstream adoption, the CoinMetro platform will be an all-in-one solution for crypto geared towards maximizing client value. We will deliver a rock-solid, user-focused framework that offers unparalleled mobility between blockchainbased digital assets and traditional markets. The CoinMetro Ecosystem will include (i) a fast, intuitive exchange, (ii) a feature-rich trading platform offering unique digital asset investment opportunities, and (iii) a turnkey ICO Express solution. All services will be accessible via a streamlined web application with a stunning UI, fully integrated with industry-leading blockchain platforms. CoinMetro will price all services using our own digital ERC20 utility token, called COIN.

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