Gaming in 2018 is not just a thing of pleasure, it is a way of life for hundreds of millions as the gaming world continues its searing expansion, attracting an ever larger portion of the human population. With an estimated 2.4 billion people considered as active games on a wide range of platforms ranging from mobile to PCs and Consoles, it will not be long before the awesome alternate universe of gaming gulps half the world’s population into its ranks.

Problems Arising

Despite the continued rapid growth and expansion of the gaming industry, the ecosystems of this fun part of life are plagued with certain problems which stunt its growth and sometimes threaten to derail the industry as a whole. Some of the problems that have long bugged gaming as an industry include:

  • Lack of Investor-Friendly Frameworks: Becoming an investor in the field of gaming, is much like searching for a unicorn or some other imaginary being. There are no clear-cut frameworks where anyone interested can seamlessly gain access to an industry that though seems open is very difficult to penetrate into reality.

The big names such as FIFA, Ubisoft and others remain undisputed in their grip over the industry, which only denies gamers all over the world of the talents of developers that badly investors to unleash their creations

  • Fragmented Industry Parts: As an independent developer of a game, your dream of reaching a wide audience all over the globe cannot be delivered by your efforts alone. A great game is an awesome starting point but there are several other arms of the gaming industry that need to come together in order to make the gamers’ efforts a success.

Parts of the gaming industry such as the streaming services that now pull a daily global viewership of tens of millions of people are a classic example of arms that could shoot a new game right to the top of the food chain. New developers struggle and some find it practically impossible to be showcased and promoted by these other important arms.

As it presently is, the gaming industry is a bunch of fragmented parts that require urgent, assimilation in order to make it work like the harmonious machine it should be.

  • Minimal Incentive: What greater motivator for a human being to undertake any endeavor lie an incentive (especially a monetary one). From developers to gamers and investors, everyone wishes to benefit something back by participating in the gaming industry.

Gamers wish they could bet a dollar and win two dollars from their skills, an investor wishes to gain similar or better rewards for the risks they bear, and developers wish that every token, coin or upgrade in-game will translate accordingly into a real-world tangible benefit.

There has been some progress in this regard but ultimately incentives and liquidity are grossly undersupplied in the gaming world, a problem that only stifles further innovation and growth.

An Imminent Maturation

The gaming industry without a doubt (considering the problems stated above) is in need of an urgent revamp that will pluck it from stagnation or demise in the future. The industry needs to mature and become a cohesive body that synchronizes its every organ to deliver the highest possible efficiency for the people that use it.

The problems are many, but alas there is hope in the horizon, as one of the new startups that seems to have all the problems bugging the gaming world and seems to have the ultimate wonderstruck that will solve these problems is the FLUX blockchain platform.

FLUX is a revolutionary idea born out of the fruit of years of experience by a number of luminary game-passionate developers. The platform once completely online will become the ultimate gaming hub on a global scale the lie of which has never been seen before.

The platform is set to come with a number of cutting-edge features which will make a perfect and hassle-free interaction between gamers, developers, investors and even streaming services a reality at last. Gaming is in urgent need of saving for it to never lose its fun factor, and with some luck, we have our answer in the FLUX platform, as it is set to redefine the gaming industry and give it a second lease of life.

The opportunity for go-getters all over the world is now ripe for the taking, as from April 17th when the crowdsale of the FLUX platform commences in earnest, early investors stand to gain a whopping 30% discount o the price of the FLUX tokens which are set to become a hotcake as soon as they are floated over the market.

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