Jeff Burton Signs Strategic Partnership Deal with Dragonglass ⋆ ZyCrypto

Jeff Burton is not new to the tech industry. He’s a co-founder of Electronic Arts, a reputable firm in the video game industry. He’s also functioned as an international advisor to various startups.

Now, Jeff Burton has joined the Dragonglass team to help the startup in its quest to be number one in its niche.

Dragonglass is an innovative cryptocurrency mining solution that lets crypto enthusiasts mine crypto in a fun and exciting way. The team has built a game that lets players earn real coins while playing the game, without relying on their phone’s computing power.

DGS Cryptocurrency

The Dragonglass token, DGS is the native cryptocurrency of the project. Holders of the token can download the Android or iOS game and mine as much as ten times the amount of DGS tokens they own.  The DGS token makes the mining process a seamless and enjoyable one for everyone.

Jeff Burton has hinted that he joined the Dragonglass team because they seem to have a clear objective of what they want to achieve in the blockchain ecosystem, unlike other projects that are a mere pump and dump schemes.  In his words:

“Dragonglass has a non-technical approach to a very complex industry that will make it much more transparent and understandable for millions of people. Dragonglass is using the gaming medium to teach people how to engage with this industry. Proud to be part of the effort that Dragonglass is making to bring clarity and enjoyment to an industry that I believe has a terrific future.”

Never before has there been a project like Dragonglass that helps people make money while playing. This innovation has the power to even motivate the youths to become programmers and blockchain experts in future. There’s no better way to learn than learning while having fun.

The team has also made the Dragonglass gaming and mining app available for downloads on both Android and iOS smart devices.

Dragonglass will surely revolutionize the blockchain and ICO industry with its innovative gaming and mining solution.

How it Works

Holders of DGS token can mine more DGS tokens using their iOS or Android devices. However, they’ll need to download the app via The Dragonglass Miner game is contained in the app. The game is an exciting fast-paced puzzle game, designed with the look and feel of ancient times.  Players are required to carry out various tasks and rescue their families. With each task completed, players earn real DGS coins.

The game has 10 levels. If a user succeeds in passing all ten stages, the game will randomly generate new levels.

Dragonglass in Brief

The startup has been around since 2017. It was established by Mart Lume and Gleb Skibitsky, who are both software engineers. Dragonglass has now added 13 more people and five advisors to its team.

The team is focused on making everyone in the world join the cryptocurrency bandwagon; therefore they designed Dragonglass in a simple and exciting way, to attract the masses.

The team is also educating the masses through its app as well as carrying out other corporate social responsibility projects.

With all these efforts, there is no doubt whatsoever that Dragonglass is on its way to becoming a formidable force in the blockchain industry.

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