ImmVRse Inks Strategic Partnership Deal with Entersoft Cybersecurity Firm

Virtual Reality and Artificial Reality startup ImmVRse have been doing great works since they ventured into the blockchain space. The team has announced the signing of a partnership deal with Entersoft, a highly reputable award-winning application security firm.

Entersoft specializes in keeping users data secure from hackers and theft. The firm has worked with several firms in the past, including Segasec, an anti-phishing solutions provider. Entersoft has helped quite some ICO organizers secure their projects.

ImmVRse is optimistic that this new alliance with Entersoft with further safeguard its token sale event as well as the entire platform.

ICO projects attract millions of dollars from investors these days. Therefore it is essential to have the highest level of security at all times to ensure peoples funds are safe.

The new Cybersecurity solutions will be proactive. It will always ensure all forms of security threats are discovered and deleted before they cause harm to the system.

The security solution will remove fake and unnecessary adverts from the platform. This will ensure investors do not fall prey to scams.

The chief information officer at ImmVRse reiterated that:

“ImmVRse firmly believes that a proactive approach will ensure the best possible chance of halting scammers and providing reassurance for our contributors. We aim to make security an absolute priority, however, as always, due diligence should always be taken to reduce potential further risks.”

The CEO of Entersoft, Paul Kang also said that:

“Entersoft are very excited and looking forward to working alongside ImmVRse as a preferred Cyber Security partner. As token sale attacks become a new norm in 2018, 10 token sales on average are hacked every month.

Entersoft and Segasec together have helped a large number of companies with their TGE, launch tokens securely, and were successful in making sure they raised funds safely and securely.”

About Entersoft

Entersoft is a cybersecurity firm focused on rendering proactive security services to clients. The company currently services over three hundred customers in various industries including Fintech, Blockchain, Healthcare and many others. The Entersoft team has over forty years experience in the field.

The ImmVRse Team

The team is made up of experts from various fields of learning including IT, virtual reality, blockchain and many more. Some key members include

Farabi Shayor – CEO, he has more than ten years experience in developing market deliverables, brand identities, and financial analysis.  View his LinkedIn profile at

Limon Ramon – COO and co-founder, he’s a successful entrepreneur with over 15 years experience in the finance sector. View his LinkedIn profile at

Others include:

Adrian Chan, Head of Marketing  –

Mark Higgins, Chief Information Officer,

Peter Gostincar, Chief Technical Officer –

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