Hada DBank Islamic Blockchain Bank Successfully Concludes Presale

Innovative Islamic banking system, Hada DBank has announced the successful end to its token presale event. The soft cap target was reached seamlessly. Buoyed by this success, the blockchain powered Islamic bank is set to begin its TGE.

The Hada DBank team sold 11.3 million HADACoins during the event, raising a whopping USD3 million in the process. The team is bursting with confidence after achieving this great feat; they are now looking to kickstart the main token sale later in May.

According to the project team, the token generation event will be divided into various stages.

Stage 1 begins on May 1, 2018, and runs until May 31, 2018. The Hada DBank team is looking to sell 50 million HADACoins in the first stage of the main sale. The team has not yet fixed a price for the tokens, but they’ve assured participants it’ll be done before the kick-off date.

The Hada DBank MVP will be launched before the commencement of the TGE. As stated earlier, the TGE is divided into stages. Other stages will be announced periodically as the TGE goes on.

Those who took part in the HADA DBank bounty and airdrop program will receive their HADACoins a week after stage 1 of the HADA DBank TGE ends.

Chairman and interim CEO of Hada DBank, Hisyam Mokhtar reiterated that:

“I am delighted with our performance in this Pre-ICO exercise. Despite the volatility in the current cryptocurrency market, we managed to sell almost USD3m worth of HADACoins to both the public and institutional investors during this period. I

t is an indication that despite the many ICOs and banking related blockchain projects, the market is progressing and accepting the technology. We are looking forward to launching our ICO soon.

More advancement will soon be materialized. We thank those who have supported us from day 1 and hope to continue receiving that support.”

The Hada DBank project has achieved a lot of success since its inception. Back in February, it inked a superb deal with F1Cryptos to get the HADACoins token listed on the exchange, once the TGE ends.

Also, the HADA team added Fintech and Media big whale, David Drake, to their ranks in February this year.

The HADA project also formed a long-term partnership and received a massive $500,000 investment from the highly reputable DE Asset Management LTD.

Hada DBank in Brief

The project is aimed at revolutionizing the banking system with blockchain technology. It eliminates all challenges of banking by infusing smart contracts into Islamic banking, to give users a transparent, immutable, and highly secure banking system.

Hada DBank puts customers first in all its operation and has promised investors the best experience.

For More Information visit www.hada-dbank.com
The Team: www.t.me/HADADBank
Twitter: www.twitter.com/HadaDBank
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hadadbank.official
BitcoinTalk: www.bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2607739.0
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hadadbank
Medium: www.medium.com/@hadadbank
DE Asset Management Firm: www.deasset.ca
Email: [email protected]

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