Dynatiq to Revolutionize the Domains and Website Marketplace with its Innovative System

Come April 25, 2018; the Dynatiq team will launch their token generation event in a bid to disrupt the web domain ecosystem.

According to research findings, there were approximately 3,812,564, 450 internet users, which is far higher than the 3.42 billion recorded in 2016.

While Asia has the highest population of internet users in the world, it is worth noting that the percentage dropped from 50.1 percent to 49.7 percent. Europe closely follows with 17.0 percent, Latin America has 10.4%, Africa has 10%, and North America has 8.2 percent.

Accord to research data, China has 738,539,792 internet users, the U.S has 286,942,362 users, and the list goes on.

Research also shows that the total revenue to be generated by the digital marketing ecosystem will approximately $237 billion.

Advertisement embedded in search engines are the most popular digital ads at present, with a total expenditure of marketers estimated around $113 billion.

Also, in the Q1 of 2017, there were a total of 1.3 million newly registered domain names, which is a whopping 3.7 percent increase when compared to 2016.

The .net and .com domains saw a total of 143.6 million registration back in 2017.

Dynatiq Solution

Dynatiq promises users a maximum level of data privacy, via the revolutionary blockchain technology. The platform will make use of an escrow to provide groundbreaking benefits to users. This will ensure a maximum level of protection for buyers and sellers on the platform.

Users will have an opportunity to review and rate the platform just like on online ecommerce sites.

The Dynatiq team will let members of the public buy its tokens through a method it calls staking.  A given percentage of the funds generated during the staking event will be will be directed to the platform’s operations pool, to enable merchants to get the tokens to be given to clients as rewards.

Each time a customers purchase products at participating outlets, they will be rewarded with the Dynatiq tokens. Customers will be able to sell the tokens for cash or use it to pay for goods and services.

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