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Numerous news about the scam of the next ICO can embarrass even a very experienced investor, not to mention the newcomers. New solutions in the field of artificial intelligence are at arm's length and can significantly improve the decision-making process regarding investments.

According to Dr. John Kelly lll, IBM Senior Vice President, Research and Solutions: "The success of cognitive computing will not be measured using Turing tests or the ability of a computer to mimic people. First of all, we are interested in how effective the return on investment will be "

Loading a prototype of a quantum supercomputer in a cryocamera

AI capabilities

"There are several ways to use AI in all kinds of decision-making," he adds. "Here are some aspects in which the final result can improve"

AI frees up your time from time-consuming research

Artificial intelligence has already been successfully used to achieve the bestresults in the field of merchandising and commerce. IBM Watson Commerce improves business performance by addressing customer research issues or conducting price analysis, allowing professionals to focus on strategic business issues.

Similarly, you can rely on IBM Watson to collect and process the relevant data, rather than for hours to grab for snippets of information in blogs and forums

AI can consolidate information from huge amounts of information

IBM Watson has already proven its ability to deliver the right result in critical areas. For example, the IBM Watson for Oncology computer system is used to more quickly decide on the individual care of patients with cancer. By processing direct speech to understand the meaning of a written language, the AI ​​is able to understand millions of pages of written text. Therefore, when a doctor asks for treatment options, the system is able to issue a relevant and wide selection.

In a cryptographic jungle using Daneel Assistant will be able to extract information about a particular crypto currency from a huge number of sources.

Reliability of data

When a company or institution collects data internally, that these data should be quite accurate. However, when it comes to market sentiment, we are confronted with the fact that the data is scattered over news sites, social networks and other online sources. It is here that AI can come to the rescue, collecting all the data together and separating the discrepancies.

Analyzing the crypto currency market and determining the "confidence indicator" for a particular currency, the AI ​​will sift through facts, opinions, exclude fake news and offer reliable analysis based on millions of data sources.

Using AI to predict market movements and behavior

AI simulation and simulation are already used in marketing, which allows you to accurately provide a potential buyer. These methods are used to predict consumer behavior. Artificial Intelligence System – "Decision Support System" was developed to assist in decision-making through real-time data collection and up-to-date analysis of trends and forecasting.

In the near future, we can expect the development of forecasting tools based on artificial intelligence, especially for the crypto-currency market. AI can be especially useful due to its ability to provide "non-intuitive" predictions that are not obvious to human analysis.

People are not perfect

"Our decision-making process will always remain imperfect, because … people are not perfect!" As noted by analyst of Consumer Psychologist & Persuasion Analyst Patrick Oberstadt, "Our choice is fueled by irrationality, heuristics and emotions." Our "human element" helps us to take into account common psychological biases in the decision-making process.

Daneel brings the power of AI into the crypt jungle! If you like the prospect of using one of the most advanced supercomputers to improve the efficiency of your investments, visit daneel.io for more information.

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