Bananacoin: the first criminal case in Russia against lCO

Bananacoin – crypto currency, behind which is the production of organic bananas. The company managed to sell 3,5 million tokens at a price of 50 cents per coin.

28 February was completed by ICO. The idea of ​​the project was to invest the funds raised in the cultivation of bananas in Laos, and then export them for sale in China.

However, the managing partner of the legal group PARADIGMA told Hi-Tech.Mail.Ru that the Russian investor who bought the coins Bananacoin accuses the organizers of the project of fraud.

The investor discovered that ICO does not have plantations in Laos, they do not have a company in the country, and there is no development team. In this regard, the Moscow police have received a statement on the initiation of a criminal case.

It reports that the founders of Bananacoin tried to deceive investors by using a non-related company. In addition, the statement indicates the criticism of the project and its business plan. In addition, the organic origin of the product itself was also questioned. During all of the above, the creators of Bananacoin want to create a fruit platform and start cooperation with a mango plantation in Cambodia.

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Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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