This Is the No. 1 Democracy in the World

Two totalitarian nations currently threaten the world order. China has indicated its plans to take over Taiwan, an independent country with 25 million people. Also known as the Republic of China, it is just off the coast of the People’s Republic of China, which has the world’s largest standing army. The other unstable situation is in Ukraine, which has been threatened with invasion by Russia. This threat has put NATO on high alert and driven intervention by most European leaders and the United States.

The Economist Intelligence Unit’s just released Democracy Index 2021 divides the world’s 167 largest countries into four categories. These are “full democracies” (12.6% of the total), “flawed democracies” (31.7%), “hybrid regimes” (20.4%) and “authoritarian regimes” (35.3%).

Russia, which is among the authoritarian regimes, ranks 124th among all nations. China, in the same category, ranks at 148. China is the focus of the entire study, which has a subtitle of “The China Challenge.”

The governments on the list are rated by 1) electoral process and pluralism, 2) functioning of government, 3) political participation, 4) political culture and 5) civil liberties. Each of the nations is given a score, with a maximum score of 10. The United States is listed as a flawed democracy and ranks 26th. Only 21 nations make the cut as full democracies.

The United States has fallen on the list recently: “The US score declined further as its new president Joe Biden, struggled to arrest the democratic decline that has occurred over the past few decades.” The report adds that Bidens’s efforts to improve the American democracy have been greeted with “cynicism.”

Norway tops the list with a score of 9.75. Scandinavian nations dominate the top of the rankings, though New Zealand is in second place.

These are the world’s 21 full democracies:

  • Norway (9.75)
  • New Zealand (9.37)
  • Finland (9.27)
  • Sweden (9.26)
  • Iceland (9.18)
  • Denmark (9.09)
  • Ireland (9.00)
  • Taiwan (8.99)
  • Australia (8.90)
  • Switzerland (8.90)
  • Netherlands (8.88)
  • Canada (8.87)
  • Uruguay (8.85)
  • Luxembourg (8.68)
  • Germany (8.67)
  • South Korea (8.16)
  • Japan (8.15)
  • United Kingdom (8.10)
  • Mauritius (8.08)
  • Austria (8.07)
  • Costa Rica (8.07)

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