Zeux Payments App Teams Up With VeChain To Bridge The Gap Between Traditional POS And The New Crypto Era

Zeux crypto app just made a move in order to link the POS with the brand new crypto era.

Zeux crypto payments app is now rolling out support for VeChain (VET).

Spending crypto at retail stores that accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

This app has been designed to allow users to spend their crypto at retail stores which accept Apple Pay and Samsung Pay as well.

The company has been launched in the UK and said that they’ll also be up and running in Europe by the end of the year.

The official notes state that “VeChain has been a major player in developing its blockchain to make a difference in enabling enterprises and professional teams to leverage public blockchain. In particular, given the large VeChain community in Europe, the partnership will help us to reach our target European customer base”.

Here are the official notes that the VeChain Foundation posted on their Twitter account.

How will this work?

Once the crypto users activate their Apple Pay or Samsung pay at a supported POS device, they have to select the preferred crypto to complete a payment and a merchant will receive fiat.

The crypto will be instantly deducted from the spender’s Zeux digital payments wallet and no charges for the conversion will be needed.

The company’s main focus seems to be creating a digital banking solution that combines all the banking activities on a single application in order to bridge the gap between the traditional POS payments and the new crypto era that is upon us.

More than that, the team at Zeux said that the application also plans to integrate a built-in investment platform and a foreign exchange function.

The Daily Hodl reports that, besides the newly accepted VET, the platform also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, IOTA, Qtum and Bitcoin SV.

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