XVG Partnership: TrafficJunky Follows PornHub Into The Verge

After Pornhub announced its partnership with Verge, TrafficJunky hopped on the bandwagon, now accepting the cryptocurrency in exchange for its services from its customers, many of them advertisers in the adult industry.

In a move that has been widely expected, given TrafficJunky’s relationship with the adult industry, the advertising platform announced that it would start accepting Verge (XVG) for payments starting Monday. A few weeks ago, Pornhub—one of the biggest adult websites —was revealed as the “mystery partner” in talks with Verge that sparked a significant amount of speculation.

“Pornhub announced they’d be accepting Verge a little over two weeks ago and it was only a matter of time before we followed suit,” said Rabih Boulmona, product and operations manager of TrafficJunky.

For a while, the move seemed to have uncertain results, as the cryptocurrency’s value started falling right after the Pornhub announcement. This fall arguably may have been attributed to the ire of many who believe that the new partnership would hurt XVG’s reputation.

Nonetheless, Verge proceeded to rub shoulders with another partner in the adult industry—this time, one of its most prolific advertisers. They will now be able to purchase their spots using cryptocurrency instead of fiat, removing them from the tenuous situation of having to handle online transactions in an industry that doesn’t have the best of reputations despite operating within the law in most countries.

“As verified advertisers, you’ll be able to fund your TJ account using Verge and tap into over four billion daily impressions to use towards your campaigns,” the company told customers in its blog. 

Despite Verge taking on yet another partner associated with the adult industry, its price is holding steady at just under $0.80. It’s still too soon to tell how the market will react to Verge’s status.


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