What Is CoinGossip?

Most people are well aware that 4Chan has shown an increased interest in cryptocurrency as of late. Although most of the information found there is either completely fake or only half-true, there are some legitimate discussions taking place as well. With the new CoinGossip platform, keeping tabs on such discussions becomes a lot easier.

CoinGossip can be a fun Tool

On the surface, very few people will have use for a platform such as CoinGossip. All it does is keep tabs on which currencies are being discussed the most on either 4Chan or the /r/Cryptocurrency subreddit. Consequently, it becomes easy to see which currencies are actively being shilled and whether or not that correlates with current market trends in the altcoin department. So far, the site seems to be holding up fairly well, even though its charts seemingly don’t load as of right now.

With this platform keeping track of the active discussions surrounding all of the currencies, it becomes somewhat easier to see where out-of-the-blue pumps come from and whether or not “FUD” is impacting specific currencies. CoinGossip would have been an interesting way to catch wind of the Vitalik Buterin “death” meme, which shook up the world of cryptocurrency a few months ago. Buterin is still alive and well, mind you, yet a few discussions on 4Chan got some people concerned.

So far, it seems the CoinGossip statistics indicate there is a lot of talk about Nano on /r/cryptocurrency. Given the altcoin’s astronomical price surge over the past few days, that trend seems more than warranted. CoinGossip also tracks topics created for specific coins, which creates a nice overview of what people are talking about.

On the 4Chan front, most of the current discussions revolve around ChainLink. This seems to indicate we may see a Chainlink price pump taking place on February 24 or 25. A lot of people are making fun of this project, though, as it seems a recent meme was created regarding this project. There’s also some talk of how community members are being referred to as “linkies”, which will undoubtedly create a lot of future memes as well.

Unsurprisingly, there was very little talk about Bitcoin or Ethereum on either channel at the time of writing. The two biggest cryptocurrencies in the world are anything but exciting these days, as most people are looking to shill altcoins, cash out profits, and move on to the next project. There are a few threads regarding Litecoin, Ripple, and even BitConnect, but that is not entirely surprising. It will be interesting to see how these statistics evolve moving forward.

For now, CoinGossip looks like a fun platform to check out once in a while. It is by no means an official indicator as to which currencies are extremely popular right now or even worth investing in. Instead, it showcases the opposite: which coins are being shilled heavily and where all of this attention is coming from. Having such a tool at one’s disposal is never a bad thing, as it may provide some unique insights over time.

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