UAE Plans Blockchain To Settle 50% Of Government Work By 2021

The government at UAE is seeking to boost its country’s stance amongst the leading player around the space with regards to emerging technologies adoption. The report by the Emirates News Agency says that the second conference by UAE Government Annual Meetings set up in Abu ico winds with an agreement. The agreement terms aim at emerging technologies through a program entitling- AI and Blockchain Guide initiative.

Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Guide initiative

The program focuses offering the country, basically federal governments with a set of standardizing viewpoint to explore blockchain technology and AI. Interestingly, AI and Blockchain Guide are said to incorporate across a majority of the smart cities within the seven emirates.

Additionally, the initiative will take charge of ensuring every significant authority is intimate with the two technologies. Serving a similar understanding of these two concepts will stand a special step in the UAE. Because in future it will help them adopt over government functions.

Precisely, it will streamline the workings of a program to drive in different individuals together. Majority of them might have scant knowledge relating to blockchain technology and AI.

The Minister of State regarding Artificial Intelligence, Omar bin Sultan Al Olama states that the government wants to use AI along with blockchain technologies in major essential sectors within the country. Few main priority sectors are health and education among others.

He also notes that the country is actively looking to cooperate and partner with the working industries. They aim for development between the federal or local authority and government.

The UAE is also looking to cast partnerships with global firms and startups to find the efficient and innovative solutions which will present a positive influencing development.

Blockchain Will Boost 50% Of Government Business

The government at UAE is sighting to use the power of blockchain technology within half of the government operations by 2021. In the same manner, Abu Dhabi shows a blockbuster ambition about their expectation regarding the smooth growth and adoption of blockchain technologies and AI. They hope this to become the global leader by coming 2031.

The Emirati authority also reveals “the National Programme for Blockchain and AI Capacity Building”. This initiative will explore the AI and blockchain technology fields through scholarships and various educational programs.

Moreover, they are planning to collaborate with the ministry of higher education. This program seems to resent governments’ several short courses along with educational programs. Also, this will support the Emiratis stance on growing business in these two sectors.

Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence will result in many potential job losses. Soon, it will begin to take root as the basic technology. Meanwhile, the UAE government is moving ahead to adopt the blockchain and AI throughout the economy.

NMC Healthcare is one amongst notable private enterprises which joins the government. Early in 2018, the company also partners with UAE Telecom, where today, the healthcare provider utilizes blockchain to save the records of patients.

Also, the UAE is encouraging the local entrepreneurs to utilize the initial coin offerings (ICOs). They can now raise their funds for specific projects.

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