TRON (TRX) Aids Chinese Portable Toilet Supplier with Crypto Payments

The TRON project has agreed to assist smart restrooms firm Moshroom to integrate cross-border cryptocurrency payments.

TRON (TRX) has inked a deal with Chinese portable toilets supplier Moshroom to provide expertise in cross-border digital currency payments, the Tron foundation revealed in a Medium post on Thursday.

Whereas an official announcement disclosed the partnership, oddly enough, we could not locate a Moshroom website – a bothering fact for several Twitter users as well. Cryptovest has contacted TRON for further details, but had not received reply by the time the news was published. 

According to Tron’s statement, while already having distributed dozens of movable restrooms in Beijing, Moshroom plans to expand abroad, starting from Southeast Asia and India. To popularize its business in the different countries, however, the firm needs a unified payment system and it has therefore chosen to make use of TRON’s crypto solution.

“Public toilets are not merely a project for public welfare. On the contrary, the project won’t last long if it is non-profit. We hope to adopt a reasonable business model to provide quality bathroom experience with an affordable price for ordinary people across the world, especially those from developing countries,” explained Moshroom CEP Cosmos Wu.

The issue that Moshroom’s business is said to be addressing is the generally poor condition of public toilets in different parts of the world, especially in developing countries. Toilet facilities are often associated with poor hygiene, pollution and health risks, mainly due to low budgets and insufficient planning.

In this context, Moshroom engages with the distribution of one-set portable smart toilets that have their own flush-free fittings and a solar power supply, which means an external water or electricity supply is not needed, according to the statement.

“Bathroom experience is a matter of health and dignity for each and every one of us, but it hasn’t received the attention it deserves in many countries. TRON hopes to help [Moshroom] improve bathroom experience for more ordinary people in developing countries, with a focus on cross-border payment settlement,” TRON founder Justin Sun commented.




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