Top 5 Hottest Metaverse Coins Below $1 to Watch in 2022

Metaverse coins are the current trend in crypto. After a successful run in Q4 of 2021, most Metaverse coins show bullish momentum this year. This article looks at some of the hottest Metaverse coins on the market right now with a unit price below $1, ordered by market cap, lowest to highest.


  • 1 Verasity (VRA) – $0.03166 ($141M)
  • 2 Alien Worlds (TLM) – $0.16 ($154M)
  • 3 Chromia (CHR) – $0.73 ($418M)
  • 4 Radio Caca (RACA) – $0.0025 ($456M)
  • 5 WAX (WAXP) – $0.402 ($766M)
Verasity (VRA) – $0.03166 ($141M)

Launched in 2019, Verasity combines the best aspects of blockchain tech with Esports and Media, enabling users to earn VRA tokens by viewing video content with its proprietary Proof-of-View protocol.

VRA’s PoV protocol ensures that video traffic comes from humans, not bots. Legitimate traffic means higher conversions for advertisers and increased revenue for digital publishers.

Currently, the Verasity product layer includes three offers: VeraWallet, VeraEsports, and VeraViews.

VeraWallet is Verasity’s native online cryptocurrency wallet. VeraEsports is looking to accelerate Esports with blockchain tech. VeraViews is an ad stack that allows users to earn VRA tokens for watching content.

With a 24-hour trading volume of $63 million, VRA is one of the hottest Metaverse coins on the market. In recent news, VRA announced on Twitter that their Proof of View protocol is ready for the $120 billion Chinese ad market, recently passing the examination by the Chinese Patent Office.

You can purchase VRA on KuCoin, Bittrex, Uniswap, and more.

Alien Worlds (TLM) – $0.16 ($154M)

Launched in December 2020, one of my favorite Metaverse coins is Alien Worlds, a play-to-earn multi-chain NFT game integrated with the WAX and BSC blockchains.

The Alien Worlds game involves mining Trillium and leasing spacecraft to send on missions. Users can purchase NFTs and create a custom mining setup to earn TLM. Users can also use TLM to lease spacecraft and go on missions to earn rewards.

One of the best ways to currently make money with Alien Worlds is to stake TLM for periods between 1-12 weeks and lease spaceships to go on “missions.” Each mission is essentially a staking opportunity allowing users to lock their TLM and earn a significant reward at the end of the locking period. In addition, users receive rare, epic, or legendary NFTs for completing missions.

TLM has a 24-hour trading volume of $55 million, most of which comes from Binance. You can purchase TLM on most major exchanges like Binance, KuCoin, Bittrex, PancakeSwap, and more.

Chromia (CHR) – $0.73 ($418M)

Launched in May 2019, Chromia is a Metaverse platform making it easier for developers to build dApps. The Chromia blockchain features a unique infrastructure that plays well with Ethereum, enabling developers to code applications faster.

Chromia currently includes several successful games, including Mines of Dalarnia (DAR), which has a market cap of $201M, and My Neighbor Alice (ALICE), with a market cap of $337 million.

Chromia is a highly underrated Metaverse coin because it’s proven to be a successful platform that can sustain quality blockchain-based games. As Chromia’s ecosystem continues to expand this year, CHR makes for a great long-term hold.

CHR is currently trading at $0.73, with a 24-hour volume of $79 million. Most of the trading volume comes from western exchanges like Binance, Bithumb, and KuCoin. Chromia’s market cap is $416 million, with a circulating supply of 567 million tokens.

You can purchase Chromia on PancakeSwap,, Binance, KuCoin, and more.

Radio Caca (RACA) – $0.0025 ($456M)

Launched in August 2021, Radio Caca (RACA) is a DAO and the exclusive manager of the Maye Musk Mystery Box NFT. Radio Caca features the native token called RACA, serving as the native currency on the platform and in the Universal Metaverse.

The Universal Metaverse (USM) is a 3D world enabling users to own land, play games, and build stores and art galleries. Their Metaverse will feature a Google Earth-like UI where users can zoom in and out and travel around the 3D environment.

Radio Caca’s Metamon game features the play-to-earn model built on the Binance Smart Chain. Metamon features various in-game items, which are all NFTs. The players have full ownership over their NFTs and can freely trade them on the market.

RACA is one of the hottest Metaverse coins because of its partnership with Maye Musk. In addition, their USM is comparable to Decentraland even though it’s still in its infancy.

In recent news, the team presented a demo of their USM where users can do the floss dance. Players can currently check out the beta version of the USM and explore the United States of Mars (USM) via a browser like Chrome.

With a current market cap of $456 million, as the team continues building the USM, there’s no reason that RACA can’t achieve similar valuations to Decentraland.

You can purchase RACA on PancakeSwap, Poloniex, OKEx, and more.

WAX (WAXP) – $0.402 ($766M)

Initially launched in 2017, WAX is one of the best blockchains currently available for Metaverse crypto coins. WAX stands for the Worldwide Asset eXchange™ and due to its Proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, WAX is considered to be the world’s most eco-friendly blockchain for Metaverse coins.

In addition, WAX features a wide variety of games on its platform, including Alien Worlds, currently the most popular NFT Metaverse game on the market, boasting over 1.2 million users in the past month.

WAX is perfect for new users that don’t want to deal with the technical aspects of setting up a browser extension or a mobile app. Users can easily set up their WAX cloud wallet and log in with a service like Google, and get started right away.

WAXP is the native token to the WAX blockchain. As one of the most popular blockchains for Metaverse crypto coins, WAX’s current market cap of $766 million could easily double or triple in 2022 especially considering projects like Enjin Coin and Theta Network multi-billion dollar valuations.

You can purchase WAXP on Binance, Bittrex, KuCoin,, and more.

Disclosure: This is not trading/investment advice. Please do your research before buying any Metaverse coins.

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