The Graph (GRT ) Token Listed on Major Exchanges in Just 2 days!

Coinbase Pro and Binance Extends Support to GRT

The entire crypto community was thrilled with the launch of the Graph network which aims to help in indexing and querying data from blockchains went live officially with its operations. 

The token rose exponentially from just $0.179720 to $0.308367 with just 24 hours of the launch registering nearly 100 percent growth in less than a day. 

Will GRT token touch $1 by the end of the Day!

GRT token

The current GRT price movement appears to be in the right direction with good market sentiments. This may help to achieve the targets of touching $1 very soon, maybe in the coming few hours. 

But considering the short term, the GRT price is predicted to touch $0.5 initially. Moreover, GRT project is seen among the good projects with high volume and more than 1 billion supply. 

But the only worry would be those traders who are contended with just a small growth and start selling within no time. This may hammer the price as the bull run will be converted to a bearish trend within no time. 

On the contrary GRT token is already listed in most of the major exchanges within a couple of days of its launch. This would provide the token with a wide user base and much larger market within the reach of most of the traders. Hence a bigger pump may be imminent.

Overall, the newly launched The Graph token has taken a flight towards its highest in just a small matter of time. Moreover, a steep jump is expected over time which might pull the GRT price to $1 initially and to the greater highs in the coming days.

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