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Markethiveis a Market Network, a hybrid: part social network, part marketplace, part SaaSwith a News and Press Release Site built in.

  • Social Network. An online service orsite comprised of a connected interpersonal network of individuals, such asfriends, acquaintances, and coworkers. Social networks are designed to connectpeople with others who are a part of the network. This environment nurtures thebuilding of relationships, providing the necessary stepping stones for thegrowth of “virtual online communities”. Social networking websites offer theability to stay connected with existing friends, plus opportunities to meet newpeople.

    Think of a social network as a dedicated website or other applicationthat enables users to communicate with each other by posting information,comments, messages, images, etc. Think of a social network as a 360-degreespherical connection where individuals can share personal information withothers in their own network. Some networks even offer private messaging servicesto provide the ability for real-time communication between members or theability to leave messages privately.

    As a general rule social networks are not particularly business-oriented orcommerce-friendly by design.

  • Marketplace. Theterm market comes from theLatin Mercatus (“marketplace”). A marketplace is a location wherepeople regularly gather for the purchase and sale of goods and services.Marketplaces allow for transactions between multiple buyers as well as multiplesellers. A marketplace is an arena of competitive or commercial dealings; theworld of trade.

    Fast forward to the realm of the Internet of Things(IoT), and now a marketplace is more commonly seen and represented as highlyaccessible, streamlined commercial transactions being conducted electronicallyon the Internet, with an outreach that has no boundaries or limits.

    An online marketplace literally has the ability to expand the borders of even alocal business to that of a nationwide outreach, or even worldwide exposure.With the advent of computers, the internet and networking, anyone can dobusiness 24/7 from the comfort of their home or from anywhere, provided theyhave a computer, laptop, tablet, SmartPhone, and WiFi.

  • SaaS Tool.SaaS tools are for making your job easier. SaaS is the modern way to run thesoftware and integrated tools to enhance, leverage and assist the subscribers’success to achieve targeted goals within the construct of a particular sphere.Software as a service is a software licensing and delivery model in whichsoftware is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It issometimes referred to as “on-demand software”. Reduces complexity, helpsto keep pace with innovation, and provides access to experts for support toprovide a clear path for your day-to-day tasks and projects.

    One of the most popular forms of cloud computing is SaaS, defined as a softwaredistribution model in which a service provider hosts applications for customersand makes them available to these customers via the internet. The era ofinstalling software from a CD or from a data center’s server is coming to aclose, as Internet-delivered software makes applications available anywhere,anytime.

Just as brick and mortar businesses have been and stillare falling by the wayside to make room for much bigger and better ways inwhich to do business online without borders, traditional social networks willneed to either evolve into being much more business- and commerce-friendly orget left behind.

Technology, Visionaries, Progress pave the way

In today’seconomic and technological cultures, what had been seen previously astraditional jobs and long-term employment are now things of the past.Statistics have shown that employees and laborers now work on average for only4 years or less. More and more, the faces of this new paradigm shift areEntrepreneurs. Reid Hoffman founder of LinkedIn isquoted as saying, “All human beings are entrepreneurs.”

Hence, the impetus for designing a platform that will ultimately create realUniversal Income that is available for everyone. Essentially that means givingevery single person, skilled or unskilled, an avenue and a purpose to get up inthe morning and apply themselves every day where they will achieve an incomethat will grow and eventually give them the autonomy and financial successwhether it be through a service they provide, a business they are marketing ora passion they are pursuing. Therefore not worrying or relying upon a jobmarket that is in the decline, but looks forward to retirement and fulfillmenton every level.

It should be noted that Universal [basic] Income hasbecome a new focus of elites, such as Elon Musk. However, this has adifferent meaning to what I’m talking about here.Although the reason for this topic does affect us which gives rise to thepossibility where autonomy, time and financial freedom is an opportunity athand with Markethive’s Universal Income. [and it’s far from “Basic”]

Attributes of a Successful Market Network.

If you recall from history, back in thedays of the Gold Rush, it turned out to be those who provided the tools andresources for the miners who benefited the most financially.

In a Market Network, a many-to-many transactionpattern is key. A Market Network often starts by enhancing a network ofprofessionals that exists offline. Many of them have probably been transactingwith each other for years using various offline methods of doing business:phone calls, fax, checks, and overnight packages. When moving all theseconnections and transactions into software, the creation of a Market Networkmakes it much easier for professionals to operate their businesses and forclients to get far better service.

  • Market Networks target more complex services. The highest valueservices are neither simple nor normally objectively judged. They can be moreinvolved and longer term. Market Networks are designed for these types ofservices.
  • People matter. A Market Network isdesigned to acknowledge that as a core tenet while providing the best possiblesolution.
  • Collaboration happens around a project. The SaaS at thecenter of Market Networks focuses the action on a project that can take days,months or even years to complete.
  • Market Networks help build long-termrelationships. For years, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook havehelped build long-term relationships. However, until Market Networks, theyhadn’t been used for commerce and transactions.
  • Referrals flow freely. The MarketNetwork software is designed to make referrals simple and more frequent.
  • Market Networks increase transaction velocityand satisfaction. The Market Network grows the closing ratios onproposals and expedites the payment process. The software also raises customer satisfaction scores, reduces miscommunications,and makes the work appealing, with outstanding results.


Starting NOW, there will be many moreforward-thinking entrepreneurs stepping forward, with their sights set uponcreating increasingly innovative, highly synchronized business models andsolutions to doing business in the 21st century and beyond. Those whowill be most successful will not only keep up with the speed at whichtechnology continues to change, but they will align themselves ahead of thecurve at all times.

Markethive built on the Blockchain with its own coin has made this whole systemimmutable, transparent, private and autonomous. This is the next generation inSocial and Market Media.

The potential payoff is predicted tobe huge. Market Networks like Markethive will have a massive positive impact on how millions of people work andlive, and how hundreds of millions of people buy and sell better services.

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