Soccer Manager: The Best Multiplayer Provably Fair Football Management Game

Soccer Manager is a blockchain-based football manager game that is hundred percent transparent and provably fair.

It is mathematically impossible for the outcome of games to be manipulated on the platform.

The Soccer Manager game support various leagues.

In Soccer Manager, players have exclusive rights to all items they acquire in the game such as stadiums, football credits, players and much more.

All in-game materials can be transferred, traded or sold. The game makes players super excited as every milestone or success achieved in the game has real-world value, meaning that players don’t only play for fun, but they play to earn too.

Soccer Manager will be deployed on the Chimaera blockchain platform, for fast, efficient and non-stop gaming experience. The Chimaera blockchain has numerous features, some of which include 24/7 uptime, highly transparent and secure and other features.

Also, in-game items can be acquired in a provable fairway. This gives them much more value than objects created by developers without players consent.

The CEO of Soccer Manager, Andrew Gore said that:

“We’ve been wanting to build a blockchain soccer manager game for some time but have never found a suitable blockchain platform to host it on. After a lot of research, we came across the Chimaera project whose team have been at the forefront of blockchain gaming for several years.”


Many in the blockchain space believe that CryptoKitties is the first blockchain game built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the real blockchain veterans know that the Chimaera team created the first blockchain game as far back as 2013. The team created the world’s first decentralized MMO and the first blockchain game known as Huntercoin Experiment.

Huntercoin is a complete virtual world that is powered by blockchain technology. Players move around, guided by a map, while collecting coins, fighting enemies and stripping them of their currencies. The coins collected in the game can be traded on crypto exchanges.

Chimaera team is creating an entire ecosystem where gamers and developers can enjoy an exciting new experience in blockchain gaming.

Soccer Manager System

In the game, players can gain or lose cryptos. All coins won in-game can be traded on exchanges for real money. Players needs must be catered to. Players must grow their stadium and fan base as obtainable in other soccer Managers.

League matches are played twice weekly, and each game takes about 60 to 90 minutes to get completed. Friendly matches and tournaments can take place at any time. Also, players can challenge opponents directly and win Soccer Manager Coins (SMCs).

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