SKYF Drones Entering the Japanese Market

SKYF, the emerging manufacturer of cargo drones, has signed an agreement with Carciel Inc., a Japanese aerospace consulting company, which is officially certified by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan (CAO) in “CAO Open Innovation Challenge 2017 Public Offering”. Carciel clients list include Honda, Kawasaki, and other Japanese industrial giants. The two companies will join efforts to develop SKYF drones applications in construction and firefighting in high-rise buildings.

“Together with Carciel’s experts, we will be able to modify the product and meet the actual requirements of Japanese customers. At the moment, we are working on drones applications for fire extinguishing in skyscrapers and on drones-builders that will be used instead of the cranes. SKYF cargo robots are successfully going through the flight tests. However, providing new SKYF modifications requires additional R&D and tests,” said Alexander Timofeev, SKYF CEO.

“Upon requests from the largest Japanese corporations and a number of ministries, we have been looking for a suitable technology for more than a year. SKYF heavy duty drone has outstanding characteristics and will be in a great demand in Japan,” said Dr. ANDO Kohei, President & CEO Carciel Inc.

Carciel Inc. will present SKYF to companies and organizations in Japan. The collaboration will determine technical requirements for the new SKYF modifications and commercial requirements for SKYF promotion in Japan. Carciel and SKYF plan to obtain permits from Japanese regulators to use SKYF unmanned aerial carrier for the fire extinguishing in skyscrapers and in construction.


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