SEO vs SEM: Creating SEO Campaign Worth 10x SEM Value in Forex Trading


About the Client

Our client is, a forex & CFD broker review site. And, they have given us the consent to publish this article.

Before we took over (data from only, and not from Google Search Console or Google Analytics):

  • Date: 1st August 2020
  • Organic Traffic: 11,901
  • Organic Keywords Ranking:
    • #1-3 position: 354
    • #4-10 position: 1808

    The results now (data from only, and not from Google Search Console or Google Analytics):

    • Date: 31st August 2021
    • Organic Traffic: 24,474
    • Organic Keywords Ranking:
      • #1-3 position: 838
      • #4-10 position: 3005

      That’s over 100% growth in organic traffic and 300% growth in traffic value in 12 months. So, how did we do it?

      Search Intent

      We particularly focused on the keywords that traders have the search intent to open an account and trade, not the high search volume keywords like “EUR USD”.

      “EUR USD” search intent is to see the exchange rate of EUR/USD, not to open a trading account. On the other hand, people searching the term “ECN forex brokers“ are clearly looking for a broker offering an ECN account and, ultimately, want to open an account with a broker who offers ECN trading. These keywords bring a higher value in SEM bidding.

      Number and Quality of Backlinks

      Once we agreed on the focus keywords, we started to work on the backlinks. We focused on both the quantity and quality of the backlinks.


      When we took over the campaign, the client had 936 referring domains. This was a solid foundation and achieved over the past 3 years.

      As we put in our efforts, we managed to grow it into 1770  referring domains, which is a net growth of over 800 referring domains in 12 months.


      We focused heavily on the quality of backlinks and managed to get backlinks to our client website from several trusted websites. Some of the websites are:

      • ….

      These trusted websites come with high DR, usually over 70, and most importantly, they are in the finance niche. The backlinks from these high DR finance sites significantly pushed many keywords to the top 5 positions.

      Position #0

      Once we managed to push the keywords to the top 5 positions, we started looking into the featured snippet, which is position number zero on the Google result page.

      We worked with the client’s content writers to update some paragraphs of all their articles. After 2 short months, we saw a jump from 76 featured snippets to 114, which is a growth of 50%.

      About GEGA Media Services

      GEGA Media Services is a digital marketing agency based in Cyprus. We are focused on helping Forex & CFD brokers with their SEO campaign and Media Buy campaign.

      Do you need help with your SEO campaign or Media Buy campaign? Contact us for a call or schedule a meeting at iFX Expo at [email protected]

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