Satoshi’s Vision Conference day 3 recap

As more businesses try to get into the digital currency landscape, a session on cryptocurrency investing opened the third day and last day of the Satoshi’s Vision Conference in Tokyo.

Bitcoin anthropologist Christina Storey explained the importance of good investors in this space and shared the top qualities on how to become one: indifference to other people’s opinion, skepticism, and willingness to plan for luck. Storey stressed that in investment space, you have to be willing to recognize that you are always interacting with unforeseen events that may occur to you as the investor or unto your investment vehicle. She also mentioned how people tend to become cult members of their own belief, so it’s not a bad thing to cultivate doubt when looking for an investment.

Limited access to traditional banking system and a high number of remittances from abroad have made Africa a crypto-driven market. Lorien Gamaroff, CEO and co-founder of South Africa-based Bitcoin wallet Centbee, talked about how huge the crypto market in Africa and crypto adoption in this region. He explained how his company plans to help Bitcoin Cash reach mainstream adoption through its product.

“What we’re trying to do is make the experience very much like an existing social media like WhatsApp or Twitter,” he shared. He added, “If the Bitcoin experience is exactly the same as that (using WhatsApp and Twitter), then adoption will grow a lot more.”

Coinbase Senior Engineer Josh Ellithrope had an energetic update about the integration of Bitcoin Cash in their system during his presentation. He also shared recent developments like CashAddr, whose support helped mitigate people sending funds to the wrong chain, and Buy Widget. This new product enables third party developers to embed Coinbase buy functionality into their websites and applications.

Just when you thought the conference won’t get any better, Dr. Craig Wright entered like a true rock star with Metallica’s Enter Sandman blaring in the session hall. The nChain Group chief scientist discussed Bitcoin Network Topology, and also emphasized the importance of the Bitcoin community uniting as one.

“We’re going to build Bitcoin Cash as an ecosystem. I don’t want a fragment system,” Wright said. “To be strong, it’s not that we are centralized, it is that we are a whole. To be strong, we have to be unified and united. This is what happened. This is what corrupted us. We became split. We became divided.”

Dr. Wright ended his speech with a simple and yet powerful statement, “The power of Bitcoin is within Bitcoin. The power to make it work is in us,” and was received with applause and standing ovation from the audience.

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