Roger Ver’s safe from lawsuit against the website

Roger Ver, a well-renowned cryptocurrency influencer and the CEO of was about to face a lawsuit against his website as they were accused propagating false information on the said website.

The matter went to such an extent that there were a Telegram group and website created just to sue But now, it looks like all the effort taken by the Money Trigz, a Telegram user has gone down the drain. The reason is that the group was unable to pull enough funds for the lawsuit.

Money Trigz had started a group on Telegram in order to file a lawsuit against Roger Ver and his website for misleading people in the crypto-space. The website was misleading people by propagating Bitcoin Cash [BCH] as Bitcoin [BTC] and Bitcoin [BTC] as Bitcoin Core. This eventually lead most of the new people in the crypto-space buying BCH when they wanted to buy BTC.

Since Money Tirgz was unable to raise the funds required, he announced on Twitter that the lawsuit pursuit will be dropped and the funds raised so far will be refunded.

He says:


“We appreciate the 31 people that donated to the initiative But $3700 won’t be enough to do much, so we decided to cancel the initiative and refund the 31 transactions (total 0.39btc) I’m happy were able to at least get bitcoincom make 90% changes on its fraud and dis-information”

CryptoMenu, CEO of Crypto.Menu says:

“is already a win. expose the scammers and bad actors is big and very important responsibility. and have to be something permanent. lawsuits are difficult and expensive, expose the scammers and spread the true to make feel them shame is more effective. thanks! keep it up.”

Ticky Rhomas, a Bitcoin Maximalist says:

“It was a great job already without needing to go all the way. The point was made, it was a success. Well done to everyone involved especially”

J Jefferey Kurkowski, a Twitterati says:

“The attempt to spin this as a success is amazing. Now that this comedy session is over I can unfollow now. Lemme know if you’ve got any other hair-brained schemes to inject time wasting comedy to my day.”

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