Roger Ver talks Bitcoin Cash [BCH], Purse, Marco Coino with Ryan Charles

The ‘Four Seasons Hotel’ in Hong Kong with a spectacular view reaching out to Victoria Harbour and its beautiful nightlife surrounding the grand city was the ultimate place for Roger Ver’s Weekly video feed, featuring Ryan Charles the CEO of and

This video project was started a month ago as he claims ‘Bitcoin Cash to have room for everyone who is willing to invest in a decentralized digital exchange platform like this, owning up to a bigger market capital’.

They discuss the current scenario in the crypto-space with reference to the ‘Coingeek Conference 2018′ that was held in Hong Kong, which focused mainly on developments like ‘Bcash’, BCH and the new innovations taking place on the network.

Bitcoin Cash was built on the Bitcoin Network last year, ever since which the company has improved their marketing strategies by paying their employees through Bitcoin Cash, by default.

Roger Ver on his Twitter claims:

All the new innovations are taking place on Bitcoin Cash and not Bitcoin core which is highly unreliable because of the change in the economic core, which is the heart of it all, says Mr. Ver.

In terms of liquidity, Bitcoin Cash is the most trusted digital asset exchange as of now. The two developers also mention their interests in buying items and making business transactions on Amazon and as they now accept payments using Bitcoin Cash.

BCH has slowly made its way through the growing e-commerce market with the logic that ‘miners support the most profitable coins in the market’, hence, leaving behind Bitcoin Core [BTC].

Roger Ver’s video

‘Open Bazaar’ on the other hand was highly critiqued by the two men for its benefits on being a decentralized market platform. Mr. Ver also made sure to put his store merchandises like t-shirts, caps, etc. from on OpenBazaar. is also making possible pressing a button to make Bitcoin Cash micro-payments. Ryan claims that the prototype is already ready for testing but not for mass use. Apps like Marco Coino, that helps users find nearby Bitcoin Cash merchants has also gained considerable recognition in this video.

One Reddit user supports the App saying:

 “As more merchants are listed, Marco Coino becomes an ever more useful resource, prompting more people to use it and list more of their local merchants. I get the feeling Marco Coino is about to explode.”

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