Ripple’s XRP Price May Rally High In Coming Couple Of Hours!

Ripple’s XRP price is regaining the lost momentum and rallying high in the past couple of days with a progress in the Ripple-SEC lawsuit. The price rallies considerably each time with a new update on the suit and hence jumped more than 10% recently.

xrp price jump

The pattern followed by the asset clearly manifests a huge jump incoming very soon. At the time of writing, the price stands at $1.54 with a slight pullback of 1.58%. Yet the past 24 hr change has plunged but the asset has rallied close to 25% in the past week. 

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance level for Ripple’s XRP price is at $1.61, where-in the price is rejected multiple times
  • The support level is at $1.55
  • The indicators for XRP price points out at a buy signal

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