Ripple [XRP] might support text messages soon – deposits, withdrawals, and transfers with one simple text

Ripple has been working relentlessly day and night from the past few weeks to bring together the best of services to the crypto world. They have also released a web series to provide insights and connect with the users even more closely explaining every possible detail about Ripple right from its origin to the future plans and foresight.

According to the latest news from Reddit, XRP deposits, withdrawals, and transfers can be done using just simple text messages. The development is in final stages and is almost ready to be tested, tweeted Wietse Wind, CEO of iPublications and Founder of Nodum app who has been working on this development.

Maria, a Ripple trader says:

“A pretty interesting project; any way to decentralize or multisig the payment system and holding wallet? How will the system handle country codes?”

Wietse replied:

“Inbound text: country code is included in the caller ID. While sending $XRP if you provide a country code it’s easy. If you don’t provide a country code, the country code of your own number will be used by the application.”

Doberman Judy also put forth his question:

“So first this is a great tool moving forward for XRP, but one thing concerns me. So, if u have all this info tied up to your phone will it be that easy to steal your XRP by just sending SMS?”

Wieste answered this explaining:

“When you withdraw/send $XRP it will reply with a message along with a code which you have to resend (to prevent number spoofing). However, if you lose your phone and you don’t have a PIN/screen lock, yeah that sucks. So if you don’t auto-lock your phone, don’t use it for $$$$$.”

How does the XRP Text work?

The application runs a service where customers can deposit $XRP to a central wallet, withdraw to their own wallet and exchange by sending a simple SMS from their phone (any phone including a basic model). This is somewhat similar to the XRP Tip Bot project with the only difference being increased limits and text messages as the single way of communication with the platform.

Susanne Botham, a speculator says:

“Cool, well done. I am sure Ripple is watching with interest coz this sort of thing opens up payments to the 3rd world countries where they don’t even have Smartphone’s.”

David Geller commented:

“We’ll be able to text XRP from anywhere now, the future is here! Superb and congrats Wietse Wind! You are amazing, hire this guy. I wish I had your skills.”

Wietse is a software and Ripple enthusiast, but doesn’t work officially for the team. Nik Bougalis, a cryptographer and software engineer who leads the C++ team at Ripple Tweeted addressing Wieste Wind saying:

“This is cool.”

Ripple [XRP], is currently trading at $0.60 after facing a crash of 5.92% just like every other coin in the market currently. The market cap still remains at $23.4 billion holding Ripple at the 3rd position in the market.


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