PrimeXM’s Monthly Trading Volume Skyrockets 16.45% YoY for June 2021

FX trading industry technology provider, PrimeXM, released its monthly trading volume report for June 2021, noting that its total trading volume for the period across the three major data center locations was $1.04 trillion, skyrocketing by 16.45% on a year-over-year basis. The number is up compared to last year’s figure of $869.77 billion.

In the average daily volume (ADV) case, PrimeXM reported $47.31 billion for June, whose highest daily trading volume was on June 17 with $67 billion turnovers. “The total number of trades in June was 29.33 million, which is an over 6% MoM improvement comparing to last month’s 27.57 million trades,” the provider stated. Moving on, as in the last month’s report, XAU/USD remains as the safe have asset with the highest popularity, PrimeXM said, as it accounted for 30% of the total monthly volume on all the instruments with $317.27 billion in notional value.

Following the ranking, but this time belonging to the Forex landscape, EUR/USD and GBP/USD remained at the second and third places, respectively, with a combined trading volume of $269.40 billion. In the fourth and fifth places are Nasdaq and Dow Jones, with $98.3 billion and $54.2 billion in trading volume.

May’s Report

According to the May report, the monthly trading volume posted a total of $941.64 billion for that period, which is up to the last year’s figure of $884.61 billion, considering all the data from its three major data centers. Per the Average Daily Volume (ADV), it was $44.84 billion in May, which is almost a 10% month-over-month improvement.

The highest daily trading volume of the month was May 16, where $59.53 billion turnovers were recorded. Total trades for the month were 27.57 million, said the FX trading technology provider firm. As stated above, XAU/USD remained the most popular instrument traded in the last few months. In fact, its total trading volume hit $290 billion in May, representing an increase of 12% month-over-month.

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