ONSTON Signed a Strategic Partnership with IOK Company

ONSTON signed a strategic partnership with IOK Company, a Korean top entertainment company.

ONSTON is a multi-metaverse cross-chain token targeted for facilitating interaction and integration among different metaverses and has formed strategic partnerships with renowned blockchain foundations such as Polygon. Recently, Richard Wang of Draper Dragon joined ONSTON project as advisor.

ONSTON was first listed on Bittrex, a leading cryptocurrency exchange based in the U.S., on November 19th, and is scheduled to be listed on a number of global top exchanges by the first half of the next year.

IOK (Insight of Outstanding Kulture) Company is a KOSDAQ listed company and is an artist agency management company to which actors such as Go Hyun-jung and Jo In-seong and singer Jang Yoon-jeong belong.

Kulture is a compound word of Korea and Culture, and is a new word that refers to the entire Korean cultural industry that is not limited to a specific cultural field. IOK is a company that is growing with the goal of creating new values by suggesting the future growth direction of the Korean cultural industry.

IOK (Insight of Outstanding Kulture) Company is also promoting content production business, information communication software business, and restaurant business through its subsidiaries.

ONSTON asked users to keep an eye on what kind of new multi-metaverse ecosystem will be created in cooperation with IOK Company in the near future.

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