One Platform, Two Tokens, Bringing Stability To Cryptocurrency Volatility

Another challenge besides considering transaction or confirmation times on the blockchain is the price. A $100 value of Bitcoin one day can decline over 20% within a 24hrs range. The Havven platform has therefore offered a solution to the problem of the rise and fall of cryptocurrencies values, thus making it stable enough for everyday use.

Kain Warwick, the founder of the Havven’s platform, said:

Havven’s unique approach to a pre-sale provides anyone with an opportunity to participate, simply by submitting their interest.

Havven launches the first token sale (from February 28 — March 6, 2018) where participants don’t have to make any upfront payment. What’s needed is to show interest, and you get an opportunity to participate. Participants must have received a confirmation email from Havvens team to participate. Registrations to be whitelisted for token sale started February 19 to February 25 at

Stabilizing Price With A Two Coin System

Volatility in cryptocurrency is well-known, especially in the happenings in the cryptocurrency world in the past few weeks. Havven, a decentralized blockchain-based payment network has provided a decentralized solution to stabilizing the price of cryptocurrencies.

This is achieved using a dual token system that reduces price volatility. Fees from transactions within the system are then used as collateral on the network. The blockchain secures this and also enables the creation of stablecoin. It’s more like Tether, but being tied to the dollar.

Transaction fee generated are paid to collateral token holders as the volume on transaction grows and the value of the platform increases. On the Havven platform, everyone anywhere can transact with each other.

How Havven Achieved An Asset-Backed and Decentralized Solution

Digital currencies before the introduction of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies were collateral backed but centralized. While these digital currencies are backed up and stable, they were non-viable investments. Bitcoin solved the centralization challenge but brought with it a highly volatile currency. The nUSD is a decentralized cryptocurrency that’s stable in price. With this, Havven provides a solution to stability and centralization.

Havven makes use of a decentralized approach to reduce price volatility. The transaction fees generated by the Havven network are what backs up the stablecoins. With this, Havven allows everyone, everywhere to transact with each other, making the system an actual peer-to-peer digital cash system, unlocking the potentials of cryptocurrencies.

The stability of Havven also depends on its incentive system, which encourages users to stake Havven tokens to support the stablecoin.

Acquiring The Tokens

Only participants whitelisted are allowed to partake in the token sale, and whitelisted candidates are those who registered and got an email from Havven’s team. Eligible participants get a 30% discount on token sale price, with no deposit required. Token sale begins on the 28th February 2018 and ends on March 6, 2018, or when the hard cap is reached.

Havven ICO Review [update]

The Havven ICO was one of those token sales that sold out in minutes after it started. Starting at 7:00 am, the tokens available for sale was sold out in 90 minutes. The Sydney-based blockchain startup raised $39 million. It was termed Australia’s largest ICO.

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