Why You Need a Professional to Translate Your ICO Content

You want your initial coin offering (ICO) to reach thousands of overseas investors. Of course, this requires a translation job. You have a multilingual friend who seems like the perfect guy for the role. Naturally, you plan on asking them to work their magic and translate your content. Wrong move! Don’t even think about it.

When we want to adapt content into another language, it’s easy to turn to just anyone who’s a native speaker. If you want a high-quality, accurate, and professional translation, using an unprofessional translator is not the right way to go about it. This is especially true for the ICO and cryptocurrency world, where terms are specific and relatively new.

According to the “State of the Token Market” report from the VC fund, Fabric Ventures, and the platform tracking data on ICOs, TokenData, $5.6 billion was raised through ICOs in 2017.

You’ve heard it before – to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd. Attracting the right investors when launching your ICO requires high-value content that reaches your target market and strengthens your international growth. If you seek global investors, it’s extremely important that your content is adapted to their language.

Presenting your website, white paper and marketing materials in various languages builds trust and displays strong credibility. This ultimately improves your reputation and brand perception on an international scale.

So who should you turn to? A professional translation agency, of course. Why? Let’s dive in and review the reasons why you need expert linguists to translate your ICO content…

Accuracy, specialization & ensured quality

Knowledge of an industry is a prerequisite for ensuring the quality of a translated product. Each field can be very specific with its terminology, rules, and regulations and so on. You therefore require a translator with solid and proven expertise in the ICO field.

When using professional translators for your token sale documents, you will be assured that accurate terminology is used. As your website, white paper and other marketing materials will cover intricate financial, technical and informatics concepts, you require the services of a linguist who specializes in the ICO, cryptocurrency and blockchain sectors.

Cultural adaptation for target audience

Untrained and unprofessional translators might be able to directly translate your documents into different languages, but you shouldn’t expect them to grasp and convey the nuances of any technical or cultural concepts.

You need someone who is specialized in the crypto-world. More so, you need translators who are able to localize your content, to ensure that your documents are adapted for different cultures.

Consistency, expertise & professionalism

Translating ICO documents require a technical approach that only experienced financial translators can provide. They will convey your message across languages with the right words, idioms, and references that resonate and make the most sense to your potential clients.

Content can make or break a brand, so it’s important that you use an agency that not only understands the terminology but also has awareness of the complicated and extensive regulatory requirements that come with ICOs. You don’t want to run in to any legal issues.

A professional translator will ensure that any legal content regarding regulations and policies are localized to the target market. Your content will therefore be offered in the right cultural context and this way, you might attract worldwide investors who will adhere to your project and help you finance it.

As a rule of thumb, you need to consider the nature of your content before deciding to turn to a professional translator or your multilingual friend. Complex work like ICO content should, without a doubt, be translated by skilled linguists. If you have white papers, explainer videos or marketing materials that aim to reach different cultures – don’t think twice – use a professional and specialized translation agency.

It’s time to appeal to investors from all-around with professional translations. This will help you in your global expansion strategy thanks to high-value, engaging, sharable and rich content that will ultimately increase your Return on Investment (ROI)!

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