Monex Group Announces Changes to Monthly Reporting Procedures

Monex Group, Inc. announced on Monday that it will be making changes to the way two of its subsidiaries report their monthly metrics. The two subsidiaries, Monex, Inc., a securities trading company, and TradeStation Group Inc., a trading technology firm, will now report their monthly reports directly.

Previously, Monex Group would provide monthly reports for both companies themselves. The Japanese financial services company has traditionally automated this process through the use of the third-party, TDnet System.

Now both companies will be responsible for disclosing their financial reports through their respective websites. The two subsidiaries will start the new disclosure process with their reports for April 2018. They will also disclose all previous data that has already been reported by Monex Group.

Reports will be made available to the public on the 3rd of each month. The company noted that exact release times might differ given that Monex is based in Japan and TradeStation has its headquarters in the United States.

Monex Group will likely continue to provide a cumulative report each month, detailing its total revenues across the companies it owns and operates. The company did not explain why it sought to make a change to two of its largest subsidiaries’ reporting procedures.

The Japanese firm’s disclosure policy appears to advocate for clarity and transparency for both retail and institutional investors. Whether or not this change in reporting procedures will aid in their efforts to meet those standards remains to be seen.

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