Marketing Genius Jeremy Epstein to Advise ARK on Community Awareness

Jeremy Epstein, whom audiences have called “a shot of espresso”, is now the marketing advisor to all-in-one blockchain solution ARK. The CEO of Never Stop Marketing, who made a name for himself with over 20 years of successful marketing to global audiences, will work on ARK’s directions and investments to ensure they add value to and reflect their community education objectives.

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Specifically, Jeremy’s role will be to consult ARK on developing a brand awareness and messaging strategy to complement its next stages of development. His vast industry experience and networks will be seen a great resource for the French blockchain start up, with Never Stop Marketing’s recognition as a global consultancy leader focused on assisting decentralized enterprises and blockchain-related companies achieve recognition through enhanced market awareness and perception, propelling growth at manageable risk.

Proven Track Record

Jeremy’s knowledge in marketing and business is matched by few, having been engaged with the likes of Sprinklr and Microsoft. While taking the role of VP Marketing at Sprinklr, Jeremy oversaw a quick spurt of growth in only four years, taking the company from 30 people valued at $20 million to a mammoth 1,400 people valued at $1.8 billion.

He co-founded Crypto Explorers, which today is one of the most respected cryptocurrency think tanks, formed by a community of knowledgeable experts advocating for a pragmatic approach to fostering a decentralized future. He is also the founding director of Blockchain Boards, a peer-to-peer network for brands where the world’s largest enterprises come to learn about distributed ledger technology.

Already a highly accomplished public speaker who continues to attend significant blockchain conferences and research events, Jeremy has a keen grasp of the fundamental workings of blockchain technology required to translate the complex sophistication of ARK technology into consumable material for educational perspectives and streamlined marketing for the wider community.

Jeremy is also a regular contributor to VentureBeat, Bitcoin Magazine, and Distributed Magazine, and is a familiar face on Bitcoin Podcast and Cryptoverse. Through these regular contributions, ARK will be able to plug into Jeremy’s networks and connections to promote its solution, in sync with one of its objectives in 2018 to sponsor and participate in the most widely recognized conferences to reach out to the general public and upcoming developers.

The Ultra Flexible ARK Ecosystem

ARK envisions a linked chain ecosystem that provides all participants with access to blockchain technologies, equally serving users as well as developers and enterprises. This will enable a virtually limitless potential of use cases, thanks to a platform that is as flexible as it is adaptable; able to scale easily. Designed for mass adoption, ARK delivers services demanded by consumers and required by developers, within a secure environment.

About ARK’s Team

Founded by 27 people from diverse geographical locations, the ARK core team is scattered across 11 countries, united by a commitment to build the ARK ecosystem of next-generation integrated blockchain and cryptocurrency solutions. With each member having unique skills in the fields of engineering, education, programming development and even medicine, ARK has a robust team with comprehensive experience unrivaled in the industry.

Visit the website to find out more about ARK, or access the whitepaper. Get in touch directly with the team and other supporters on Slack.

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