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Problem Statement No.1 – Nowadays, online video platforms have become an important tool for education and entertainment. You name it — YouTube, Twitch, D-Tube, etc., all of them provide some sort of video online services and some of them are equipped with the function of online live video streaming that allows the audiences to experience the programs in real time.

However, with large competition, bringing in traffic to your channel is a huge problem. For example, let’s say you want to set up a fitness video channel on YouTube, in which you will publish some videos related to exercise and diet advice three times a week. Shortly you will find out that it is difficult to bring in traffic if you have only a handful of active followers. In order to promote your channel, you would have to use various other internet services including social media, search engine optimization services, affiliate programs, and a good financial strategy. On classical video platform, greater traffic is always the only mean to provide meaningful income.

Problem Statement No.2 – Back in the day, if you were having problems, had some sort of dilemma or facing some difficulties in decision making, you went straight ahead to appropriate active forum and create a subject on the matter you wanted to discuss with other members. Some of the suggested solutions were helpful, some of them simply not working and some were just plain rude comments not related to the topic you wanted to discuss.

The idea to solve such problem is, to create an environment and tools that can be used to acquire specific service based on an individual need. For example, if someone wants to get a diet advice, instead of watching countless numbers of useless videos, one can refer to a specialist or an expert in that field that can cater to his specific needs. That’s where a face to face video chat session shines. However, there is no website which would compile all of the potential services that we need into a single complementary environment. One that would ensure choice based on specific needs and create competitive space for service providers.

Based on both of the problem statements mentioned, there are two major obstacles that are faced by either the consumer or a video content creator. Traffic and an appropriate platform to cater all needed services. Both those obstacles can be overcome by using the new blockchain based service called On.Live. For both the consumer and the content creator, On.Live provides two major services which are live broadcasting and live consultation. These services contained within one easy to use webpage will utilize a customized token system known as ONL which provides a means to balance broadcaster-client fee transfer allowing absolute anonymity of every such operation.

Live consultation services

Let say you are a PC expert and you want to provide an advice or an opinion on a PC related matters. You can sign up to On.Live and create a specific channel using few tags describing your service, and quickly become an easily accessible consultant in virtual space. Then you can set your own fees for your service or decide them each time with your specific client. This functionality is supported by a smart contract which ensures transfer of funds only when both sides are satisfied with service.

For example:

  • Your service fee is 5 ONL for 30-minute live consultation.
  • A potential customer contacts you through a messaging system, asking for a 15-minute live consultation.
  • As this plan doesn’t exist in your original package, both of you agree to the consultation fee of 3 ONL.
  • You set up a customized plan for your customer and then the video session begins.

The concept is simple but valuable. If the video consultation was helpful or customers were able to solve whatever problem that they were facing, the payment which was held with smart contract is finally transferred to the service provider. If the client is somehow unsatisfied with advice, his payment will be refunded. This principle of platform operation will greatly simplify the process of meeting a lawyer, personal trainer, doctor or even an accountant for business purposes.

On.Live user can always set up a free consultation service, some sort of discount, free trial or anything that you would deem necessary to attract new customers. It will be completely up to his choice. The platform also has an appointment system built in that can be applied to the services that user want to provide. For example, you’ve decided to work for 3 hours online 6 days a week, you can use the online calendar on the website, set up the appropriate timing for your service and publish it. This will allow a potential customer to make an appointment earlier.

Live Broadcasting Services

You are probably familiar with Twitch, which is one of the most popular broadcasting sites. All you can do on Twitch, you can also perform with On.Live. The difference is high customizability of the latter.

In On.Live you can either:

  • Provide a free broadcasting services
  • Provide a paid broadcasting services
  • Provide a partial-free broadcasting services

The broadcast fee is decided by you. You can put your transmission as free, 1 ONL per broadcast service, or for example free for the first 5 minutes. Your potential viewers? It could be limitless. Anyone who types in some keywords which are used to describe your service would have quick access to your channel. For mass events broadcasts, just imagine, a live boxing match that otherwise would cost you a lot of money as a PPV subscription either online or on cable TV, in On.Live platform, just by share effect of scale, could be as low as 1 ONL. This would revolutionize the online streaming and allow all of the members of platform community to be the potential audience. Just imagine how much would a streamer earn on On.Live if their own 5 ONL broadcast service is subscribed by 1000 people. That would be a huge potential income based on the market value.

There are several kinds of broadcasts that will clearly benefit from distribution through On.Live platform:

  • Any racing events
  • Any sport events
  • Lectures
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Online classes

These exemplary options would provide a variety of choices for a consumer. On.Live is currently under intense development. You can see current implementation in action in the promotional video.

On.Live is a community project and is already present on various world markets including Brazil, China, Japan, UK, Russia, Spain, South Korea and the United States.

If you like to learn more about the service, you can follow one of the links below:

  • Live Website
  • Live Whitepaper
  • Live Facebook
  • Live Twitter


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