Litecoin Back Up Towards $150.00 As Charlie Lee Discloses Information About His ‘Personal’ Life

Excuse me if you’re a little confused about the title, but check out this recent tweet from Charlie Lee:

“One nice thing about being a crypto-celebrity at Consensus blockchain week is being able to get into sold-out parties by saying “I’m Charlie Lee, let me and my posse in!” The flip side is that I sometimes even have to make conversation at the urinal. Talk about awkward!”

First of all, I wonder if that sort of attitude works outside of the crypto-sphere? Is a crypto-ego transferable into mainstream society, or is it yet to be truly appreciated, much like many cryptocurrencies themselves?

Secondly, it is interesting that Charlie Lee seems to talk about cryptocurrencies whilst on the toilet isn’t it. I guess that along proves his passion, just in case you had any doubts at this point.

Joking aside, things are finally starting to look good for Litecoin, with the price moving steadily back up to $150.00. Yesterday, we reported on rumours that alongside Zcash and Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin would be added to cryptocurrency exchange Gemini within the next few months. At present, a date has been set for Zcash, but we have no further word on when we should expect to see Bitcoin Cash and Litecoin added. You can see our full coverage of this story for yourself, here-

How is Litecoin today?

At the time of writing, Litecoin is valued at $145.25 and is up 5.71%, it is finally making good tracks towards $150.00, a value it needs to stabilise at before $200.00 can become a realistic prospect once more.

Over the past weekend of bad fortune, we did see Litecoin drop to a low of $133.18, the lowest recorded value for Litecoin since the 18th of April, from this point, Litecoin entered a bumpy trajectory, moving up and down by the hour, before hitting a small surge yesterday, in light of the Gemini listing rumour. This news seems to have offered Litecoin a lifeline, allowing Litecoin to re-balance itself on the path back to $150.00.

As the markets settle, we could very well see Litecoin set up for another market surge, such an environment would be sure to push Litecoin up to $200.00.

For now, lets see how Litecoin pans out over the rest of the week, the markets seem to have settled after a bumpy weekend and thus we do expect some correction to occur. Hopefully, as normal service resumes, Litecoin can latch on to a little bit of luck and move past $150.00 in the coming days.

Please bear in mind that this is not investment advice, should you choose to invest, you must do so based upon your own prior research, don’t be daft, trade well!

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