Litecoin Activates Privacy Upgrade Mimblewimble That Support Anonymous Transactions

Grin++ founder David Burkett was grateful for a smooth launch, thanking testers for their efforts. Litecoin creator Charlie Lee, meanwhile, expressed his emotions in the form of several GIFs.

Privacy Coins, a Space To Watch

Privacy coins are popular among ardent crypto enthusiasts and have remained a mainstay of the market for years. Zcash and Monero are among those popular privacy tokens. Zcash, in particular, has been making the headlines as it was revealed that Edward Snowden played a key role in its launch.

This has happened despite a growing crackdown on these assets by lawmakers, who fear they might be used to fund crimes. South Korea has banned privacy coins altogether, and other countries are considering the same.

Of course, it is impossible to completely ban the assets. At most, they can be delisted from centralized exchanges. They can still continue to operate on decentralized platforms, so it will be interesting to see how lawmakers respond to the development of these unique assets.

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