Lisk (LSK) Releases Lisk Hub a Day After the Official Rebranding

The new wallet service offers a unique visual identity based on cryptography to protect the account.

Lisk Hub, the new browser-based wallet service, was released immediately after the rebranding event. The novel point is the Lisk Identity, an algorithm to create a unique visual representation of each user. The Lisk visual identity for Lisk Hub is the first step of creating an account.

The unique circular image is generated by collecting data from mouse movements.

A proprietary algorithm combines the graphic elements into a unique wallet avatar. Afterwards, Lisk Hub reveals the 12-word pass phrase, which is not kept anywhere by a third party, and needs to be written down and protected. This phrase is used to generate the private key.

Perhaps the only negative thing that can be said about the Lisk Hub is the surprisingly high transaction fee – 0.1 LSK, which at the current prices of LSK of around $25 is not trivial.

Some Assembly Required

For all the hard work of designers, the downloading of the Lisk Hub wallet service still has a feel of “some assembly required”. Lisk follows the crypto tradition of pointing to the GitHub repository, which is positive in a way, to ensure transparency.

But it may seem mystifying to the regular user, who is used to having a dedicated download link. Yet Lisk managed to deliver its products as promised, at noon time CET.

Lisk Hub allows users to turn on or hide delegate features, according to the need for observing or participating in the governance of the Lisk network.

Lisk Nano

There is still support for the old Lisk Nano wallet, which does not need to synchronize with the blockchain. The new website offers a download link for the latest version of the wallet, most often used until now.

Lisk Developer Resources

For developers, Lisk has released technical documentation and libraries, allowing for an easier connection and building in relation to the Lisk blockchain.

Getting some LSK Coins

Fortunately, getting some LSK coins may be quite easy. LSK is available in small amounts through the Changelly service. The Shapeshift mechanism also supports LSK, but may have shortages on active trading days.

LSK is accessible with comparative ease from the Binance exchange.

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