Why Lisk Could Hit $100 This Year

Lisk has had a relatively rocky, slow-burning run to reach its current levels – long, substantial periods of appreciation typically precede steep jumps which can amount to more than 50% of the initial run. For investors who have held LSK over these prolonged periods, it’s perhaps not all been plain sailing, particularly when other similar cryptocurrencies have performed much better in comparison. Changes to trading regulations also hit Lisk hard – but 2018 might just be the time for this currency to shine.

The advantages and disadvantages of Lisk

Lisk offers incredibly speedy transactions, has hard-coded transaction fees at 0.1LSK and a steady mobile client. With dynamic fees set to be released in the near-future, traders can expect to make transactions without costs getting too out of hand – something which is needed before Lisk is likely to reach $100.

In addition to dynamic transactions, Lisk is about to undergo a complete rebranding, including a release of its software development kit – something which will undoubtedly trigger a run on the currency. This is because Lisk is a decentralised building platform which provides developers the opportunity to create apps using Javascript. In comparison, cryptocurrencies like Ethereum require developers to learn a language native to the currency.

This makes Lisk a far more attractive proposition for developers to build different types of application while still relying on the sort of smart contract technology typically afforded by currencies like Ethereum. Applications are built on sidechains which are subsequently connected to the primary Lisk blockchain.

What does this mean for Lisk?

Essentially, any application issues will be restricted to the relevant sidechain, without impacting on the primary chain. It subsequently means that thousands of apps can be built using Lisk which can run simultaneously, without clogging up the primary blockchain.


If Lisk can attract more developers to its platform, this will certainly fuel operational activity of all things LSK – which means we can expect the currency to hit $100 before 2018 is out. This would make the forthcoming days and weeks the perfect opportunity to purchase the currency at a low price, prior to the bull-run.

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