ICO Summit Kazan will unite the key persons of the crypto industry

10-11 April 2018 in Innopolis (Tatarstan, Russia) for the first time will be held ICO Summit Kazan – an event that will unite the world's leading speakers, government officials, investors, start-ups and everyone interested in the ICO procedure at one site. More than 500 delegates from different countries will take part in the event.

Over the past year, ICO (Initial Coin Offerings) has gained impressive popularity around the world due to the simplicity of the fund-raising mechanism and the multimillion-dollar excitement around crypto-currency and lock-up.

The event program

As part of first day Summit, the world's leading experts will share with start-ups knowledge about the technical aspects of preparation and implementation of projects in the ICO, legislation issues and ICO procedures regulation, and also disclose the secrets of the presentation of their projects to potential investors.

Second day the event will be continued by the Conference devoted to the issues of legal regulation and legal framework of ICO in Russia and the world, the economy and mechanism of selling tokens, investments, risks and other important topics. Within the framework of the panel discussion, well-known experts will share their thoughts on the prospects for the development of this direction and the features of its functioning. The second block of the conference will be divided into sections for a more detailed study of issues by industry. A special place in the summit will be allocated to the use of blockade technology in health care.

In a programme the third day the event will host the ICO Pitching competition – a unique opportunity for teams to announce themselves, get an expert evaluation of their project and win the main prize – 10 000 US dollars for the development of the start-up.

Large exhibition halls will feature the largest ICOs and companies that will change the world with the help of blocking technology.

ICO Summit Kazan is the largest ICO conference and exhibition in Eastern Europe.

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