GG World Lottery’s Comprehensive Whitelabel Solution

GG World Lottery is a project led by a team of industry experts aiming to introduce transparent, government-backed and blockchain-enabled online lotteries. However, going above and beyond, the company also offers other services to the market and its comprehensive white-labeling solution is one of them.

WhiteLotto: Get Your Lottery Business Up and Running

Striving to provide as much value to its audience as possible, GG World offers white-labeling solutions through its WhiteLotto services.

WhiteLotto enables the user to set up a lottery business in a quick, frictionless and easy manner. Instead of having to go through the entire burdensome process on your own, WhiteLotto will assist in incorporating an appropriate company structure alongside relevant payment processor contracts and licensing.

WhiteLotto will transfer the in-depth know-how of GG World’s team to you and save you time and money. This will enable the user to focus on his new lottery business. At the end of the day, the user becomes his very own company partner with a license of his own domain.

A Myriad of Features

WhiteLotto enables you to provide your users with the option to take part in the world’s biggest lotteries. You will be able to offer them a chance at the best jackpots, as well as rollovers. It’s an all-in-one solution which includes a back office with user management, analytics, reporting tools, and payment systems which support over 1,000 altcoins.

The solutions are also mobile-ready, which provide your customers with a seamless experience throughout all the platforms. This is what helps increase sales and generate greater revenue.

The emphasis is strongly placed on user experience and uniqueness as main pillars of WhiteLotto’s white-labeling solutions. There are no pre-made templates and you can rest assured that your website will be particularly customized, unique, and entirely dedicated.

GG World Lottery’s Mission to Improve

Through its white-labeling solution, as well as through its work to create transparent, blockchain-based lotteries across the world, GG World’s mission is to improve an entire industry torn by different issues.

GG World Lottery’s STO has already managed to raise more than $5.5 million. Having developed its product in advance, this money will go straight towards the development of its very first lotteries in the country of Zambia, as per the comprehensive marketing plan.

The company will improve the industry through transparency and compliance, while, at the same time, providing unparalleled user experience and mobile-friendly lottery solutions.

If you’re interested in the details of the white-labeling system and like to run your own lottery business, you can take a look at the official website.

You can read more about the project and take part in there STO here.

Additionally, you can stay tuned on their Facebook or Twitter page for regular updates or join the live Telegram discussion if there’s something you want to ask about!

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