Fisker Car Company Rejects the Idea of BTC Payments

Electric car company Fisker Inc. is taking a page out of Tesla’s book and is giving a big thumbs down to the idea of bitcoin payments, claiming it will not be accepting the world’s largest and most popular cryptocurrency by market cap anytime soon for goods and services.

Fisker Says “No” To BTC

Tesla announced a few weeks ago that the company would be accepting bitcoin for items it produced. Customers could literally walk into a dealership then choose the car they liked and pay for it with bitcoin… At least that is the impression we were given. It turns out Elon Musk – the South African entrepreneur behind the company – could not promote the bitcoin mining process, which he claims can hurt the environment, and as a result, he has suspended his decision.

The move was a hard blow to the crypto community, and now it looks like Tesla is inspiring other car companies to make similar maneuvers. Henrik Fisker – the CEO of the Los Angeles-based vehicle enterprise – is not necessarily saying that bitcoin will never be accepted, but for now, he does not consider BTC a “sustainable solution.” Like Musk, he is concerned with the environmental hazards potentially presented by BTC and other forms of crypto, and he is not willing to take any chances.

In a recent interview, Fisker stated about bitcoin:

It is not environmentally friendly.

Many of the attacks on bitcoin stem from the fact that much of it is still mined in China. The Asian country is not known for its caring attitude regarding pollutants, and still relies heavily on coal and other “dirty” fossil fuels to mine assets. Figures such as Kevin O’Leary – aka Mr. Wonderful on the television program “Shark Tank” – have even stated that they have no interest in purchasing any more BTC mined in China, even calling it “blood coin” in recent statements.

The reaction to Fisker’s comments have been relatively up and down, with some claiming he is doing the right thing and others saying, “Who cares?” At the time of writing, Fisker has no cars or vehicles in production, so the idea of paying for a new automobile with BTC through the company really does not add up to much.

You’re Not as Big as You Think

In addition, while Elon Musk – who has gained international fame for his technological exploits – can potentially cause huge waves in the cryptocurrency space, Fisker on the other hand, appears rather diminutive by comparison. The man is nowhere near as well known to the public as Musk, and his company’s stock does not hold a position similar with Tesla’s.

The latter, for example, is trading for nearly $590 per share at press time, while Fisker stock is trading for just over $12, making it the David to Tesla’s Goliath.

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