European project Nafen enters ICO with the power of nanotechnology!

Unique nanotechnology and its very own production – this is the luggage the European project Nafen team takes with them, entering the ICO. The team has developed and patented the technology for the production of nanofibers that can improve the properties of different materials when added to them. Nafen nanofibers are produced at an experimental industrial platform in Tallinn.

The project has repeatedly won in the innovative industry development programs in Europe and has received the grants from the European Commission for research and improvement of various materials by nanofibers. Today, Nafen product is being tested by the large chemical companies in Europe and the USA.

The closed round of the ICO for the Nafen project is scheduled for March 22nd. That way, it becomes one of the successful projects of the real sector of the economy, intending to attract cryptocurrency investments with a smart contract based on crowdsale and ERC20 token called NFN based on Ethereum blockchain. The team plans to raise €14 million for the construction of a new high-tech nanofiber plant to meet the needs of the markets of Asia and Europe.

Project’s CEO, Roman Gertcev commented:

“Nafen meets all the requirements existing for the high-efficiency projects. It is a professional team with an own production. ICO offers the prospects of investing in our nanotechnology not only to the big players of the European investment market but also to people without experience. It is the so-called crowdfunding with a huge profit potential within the next two years…”


Nafen nanofibers are thin nanoscaled fibers with a diameter of only 10-20 nanometers and a length of up to 15 centimeters. Such fibers are not found in nature and can only be created by an artificial method. They are produced by controlled synthesis of Al2O3 aluminum oxide nanostructures on the surface of aluminum melt in the presence of special oxidizers.

Being a unique nanomaterial, Nafen is already used to solve many urgent problems. For instance, in the creation of light and strong composite polymer materials for cars and yachts, frames and hulls; durable and safe lithium-polymer batteries; various catalyst systems; high-strength concrete compositions, and geopolymer composites. Nafen can also be used to create materials for increased durability suitable for extreme conditions — the space and the Arctic.

The patented technology for the production of nanofibers can be easily scaled depending on the volume of demand for the material. This makes Nafen extremely available for application in a wide variety of fields of science and production, compared to other commercial nanomaterials.

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