Dukascopy Sees a 9.8% Increase in Total Assets on Its Interim Balance Sheet

Dukascopy Bank SA, a Switzerland-based financial services provider, released today its interim balance sheet as of June 30, 2021, noting an increase of 9.85% in its total assets and its total liabilities. According to the report, liquid assets for the period were CHF 33,861,300 million, up from the figure posted on December 31, 2020, which was CHF 23,260,143 million.

Also, financial investments witnessed a slight rise in the current balance sheet, surging to CHF 45,769,108, up from CHF 45,645,345 million seen until the end of last year. For the liabilities, amounts due to banks were CHF 10,585,724, up from the figure seen on December 31, 2020, at CHF 9,204,619 million, while the bank’s capital stood at CHF 20,000,000 million. Irrevocable commitments in terms of off-balance-sheet transactions as of June 30 remained at CHF 892,000 – the exact figure that the report showed at the end of the last year.

Per operating expenses, the personnel ones decreased to CHF 3,3365,427 million from the number seen last year at December 31, 2020, in CHF 3,801,646. That said, operating results accounted for CHF 1,653,801 million, which represented a significant fall from the latest report’s figure set at CHF 14,702,762 million.

Dukascopy Financial Results for 2020

In April, Dukascopy Bank published its annual financials ending December 31, 2020, reporting a record in its income and profits. The company’s total operating income touched CHF 40.1 million, which is a yearly jump of 43.2 percent. In addition, it generated CHF 28 million and CHF 27.4 million in 2019 and 2018, respectively.

The income was amplified as the company managed to trim down its operating expenses by almost 14 percent to CHF 21 million. As a result, its net profit stood at CHF 10.4 million for the year, which is up from the previous year’s CHF 2.2 million.

Last Monday, the financial services provider issued a warning about a couple of fraudulent websites that are cloning the original one. The domains www.dukascopys.com and wap.dukasap.com do not belong to the firm and are fraudulent, with people being exposed to possible scams.

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