Dubai Will Launch a Tourism Blockchain Marketplace

According to Arabian Business, Dubai is preparing to launch an online business-to-business based on tourism market using the blockchain technology. The project is designed to meet the city’s initiative “to be 10 years ahead of other world cities”.

An “additional distribution channel for hotels” is going to be implemented in the following two years by the Dubai Tourism Blockchain Marketplace. Thus, any tourist organizations that sell trip packages will interact with the customers in “real time”, showing highly transparency.

According to an official Press Release published by the Government of Dubai, the Dubai Department of Tourism stated that [going] beyond providing broader access to the global consumer, and open[ing] up the domestic travel industry to new participants and innovative start-ups into the ecosystem – thus delivering value to Dubai in terms of higher and faster visitor conversion, and greater GDP impact.”.

Embracing such an initiative, the Tourism Blockchain Market aims to encourage small businesses by providing the necessary support to attract an impressive number of tourists to the Dubai tourism sector.

The Director General of Dubai Tourism, Helal Saeed Almarri said about the Dubai’s 10x project that “[usher] in a new phase of development for government services by transforming a whole host of innovative ideas into reality”.

All the implemented measures will be determined in accordance with the Government and the laws proposed by it. We want to remember that by the end of February 2018, Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) made public their initiative to launch a “blockchain-based system for tracking the lifecycle of a vehicle by 2020“, being also a milestone of 10x project.

About the 10x’ project

According to Press Release, “Dubai 10X’ projects, Dubai Tourism (DTCM) is set to implement this ground-breaking programme within the next 24 months, enabling Dubai to enhance distribution of its tourism inventory through a future-proofed virtual B2B (business-to-business) marketplace for the travel industry”.

HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed explained about the Dubai’s initiative that the flexibility of the government represents an important vector for its success. Thus, their purposes focus on developing the community and improve the city’s abilities.

According to the 10x’ project, startups that perform tourist activities will be able to make themselves known and get involved into the local ecosystem- thus delivering value to Dubai in terms of higher and faster visitor conversion, and greater GDP impact”.

Dubai is an important city in the economic industry. They are in a continuous development and will miss no opportunity to demonstrate to the whole world their abilities. The 10x project will raise the city to another level, for sure, and the fact that more and more projects are based on the blockchain technology offers them a significant comparatively advantage.

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