CZ Debunks Rumors that Binance Invested $300m in Terra (LUNA)

CZ Requests More Transparency from the Team at Luna

In addition to CZ refuting claims of Binance investing $300 million in Terra, the CEO of Binance has requested more transparency from the team at Terra (LUNA), more so with regards to on-chain transactions. CZ was particularly concerned about the impact the collapse of UST and LUNA had on the Terra community. He said:

The last few days, we tried hard to support the Terra community. In my tweets, I am simply pointing out the potential issues from my understanding. Minting, forking, don’t create value. Buying back, burning does, but requires funds. Funds that the project team may not have.

In this regard, I would like to see more transparency from them. Much more! Including specific on-chain transactions (txids) of all the funds. Relying on 3rd party analysis is not sufficient or accurate. This is the first thing that should have happened.

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