Crop Collective Offers Exclusive NFTs To Fight Global Hunger

Genius philanthropist avocado Professor one nut is a man on a mission to fight against famine. There will be 8,888 Guac soldiers coming to the wholly Guacamole Orbital Deployment Station. Every one of them is unique, different and randomly generated. All you have to do to be a part of this fight is to purchase your very own Crop Collective NFTs on the Crop Collective NFT website on December 27th, 2021.

The Crop Collective is a collection of 8,888 uniquely and randomly generated avocado NFTs that are interested in fighting and ending hunger. Each NFT is randomly generated from hundreds of different facial expressions. The creative team behind the Crop Collective NFT project consists of James the Oracle Nut Job, Kristen the Botanical Nut Buster, Dave the Nutty Dreamer, and Wei Creamy Captain NFT. Completing the list are Maz the Nut Loose Professor and Vince Dr. Fix-a-Nut. 

The Crop Collective team is committed to ensuring that 60% of the NFT proceeds go directly to charities working to end world hunger. The project will be making donations to the Elongate Charity Fight Hunger Worldwide fund for the first identified charity.

Early Collectors have the chance to enjoy the avocado collectibles while they are fresh. The team is giving away over 220 unique Crop Collective NFTs through the ongoing Crop Collective Airdrop. 1,000 NFTs will be released early through a whitelist pre-sale to the top 1,000 members who have participated in the airdrop and have shown exceptional creativity efforts in building the Crop Collective community.

The NFTs will drop on the Ethereum blockchain and owners will be able to mint their Crop Collective NFTs. Since the number of NFTs minted is limited, collectors are called to take advantage of the pre-sale to own their own NFTs at the lowest price possible. This is only feasible by getting involved during the airdrop to guarantee collectors have a head start.

The team is also planning for the future as it plans on releasing exclusive features and benefits to the collective team community. Among such unique features is the Seed Games Auction, where community members can bid to own one of three super rare Guacamole NFTs.

Owners of this single NFT will receive 1 token airdropped every 4 months of the upcoming Agri-defi project. Collectors who purchase all 3 NFTs will get airdrops of the same tokens. In addition, Crop Collective holders automatically enter the Crop Collective Club, which gives them free access to the pre-release sale of all upcoming NFTs.

Furthermore, holders will also have an opportunity to play the Crop Collective Game. The mission of the game is to create the elusive Golden Nut and win prizes up to 100K in USDT. To join in the revolution, collectors can collect two of their favorite NFTs and drop them in the procreator to see if they become winners.

To further thank the crop collectors community members, the team will be launching its crop invaders game. This is an upcoming exclusive P2E game aimed at helping Crop Collective holders earn residual income through NFTs. When you purchase Crop Collective NFTs, owners gain the chance to add utility NFTs that grant direct access to the game. Only a limited number of utility NFTs will be minted in total to ensure that this gaming community is highly exclusive.

Each utility NFT you purchase allows you to build your farm and harvest real-world currency in the form of $RPR tokens. They can also be used to invade other farmers where you earn $RPR tokens for your conquests. This exceptional game is designed not just to get paid based on luck, but for users to enjoy the game to the fullest.

Delivering on the project’s promise to help fight against famine, to help reach the global Sustainable Development Goal of ending world hunger, the Crop Collective team wants this collection to grow in value over time, giving its members more confidence in holding avocado NFTs.

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