Chinese E-Commerce Giant,, Launches Accelerator Program for Blockchain Start-ups

Every single day, new enterprises related to the blockchain industry are created. At the same time, these start-ups may need important support from different institutions in order to succeed. The Chinese E-Commerce platform,, is now launching an accelerator program to promote blockchain technology start-ups. Blockchain Start-up Accelerator

According to an official statement from, China’s largest retailer online or offline, has launched an accelerator, known as AI Catapult, in order to foster the development of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies.

JD’s AI program will partner with different innovative blockchain and AI start-ups so as to build new and prosperous businesses. In this way, the new formed companies will be able to work in different organizations and with a variety of teams within JD.

The statement reads as follows:

“Beginning in March, AI Catapult, which is part of JD’s AI program, will partner with innovative blockchain startups to build new businesses and create and test real-world applications of their technologies at scale. Participating startups will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of operational teams within JD which, in addition to being the largest retailer in its home market, also operates the largest nationwide last-mile logistics network.”

The solutions that want to be potentiated are robotics, automation technology, smart supply chain, marketing and customer service applications and many other fields. With AI Catapult, is planning to deploy these technologies in more areas in order to increase efficiency and delight customers.

At the moment, some companies have been chosen to start working with AI Catapult. Among these firms we find Bankorous, from China, CanYa, from Australia, Bluezelle, a blockchain database service from Singapore, and a London-based e-commerce payment and ID platform, Nuggets.

“JD is in a unique position to explore the potential of AI and blockchain in global commerce,” commented Bowen Zhou, Vice President of’s AI Platform and Research Division. “We are excited to work with some of the world’s most innovative startups to explore ways we can scale these cutting edge technologies for the future of retail and other industries, as well,” he finished.

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