China Unveils First Blockchain-Based Community Correction Platform

A local government unit in China has unveiled a ground-breaking program to track the whereabouts of former criminals using blockchain.

Guangzhou’s Chancheng District in China has unveiled a new community supervision and correction blockchain-powered platform for former prisoners, probationers, and parolees.

The project, which was officially launched on May 11, has completed its prototyping phase and expects the credit evaluation system for former offenders to be finished this year.

The platform will combine wearable technologies and blockchain for more efficient management of ex-offenders by tracking better their whereabouts and guiding them in reforming and assimilating within society.

Authorities will require of ex-offenders to wear smart wristbands capable of tracing locations n real time. The new platform will receive alerts once the person being monitored ventures outside of their designated perimeter.

According to Liang Juxi, who runs Chancheng District’s Bureau of Justice, the platform will evaluate the credits earned by ex-offenders based on their daily behavioral movements. When a convict is released and allowed to re-join society, they will receive a “certificate” issued by the government to increase their credit. Those with a low credit will have difficulty in securing permissions to travel, buy a home, or get loans and employment. Moreover, the credit data will stay with the ex-offenders for the rest of their life.

Liang added:

“This will be able to promote the correction of ex-offenders… We can’t say that blockchain is 100% safe. But from the current exploration, it is not only necessary to rely on the theoretically safe and reliable blockchain technology, but also to make arrangements in deployment and architecture, including network deployment of government affairs data and network data.”

He explained that blockchain technology would support the “society chain” platform using the highest level of encryption algorithms. These algorithms have been widely used in finance and telecommunication systems. In addition, the one used in the project is unique and can ensure that the uplink information is real and reliable and delivers a more significant improvement than traditional blockchain algorithms.

China streamlines blockchain use

China may have banned cryptocurrency trading, but it has embraced blockchain adoption.

Last week, the director of the China Blockchain Research Office, Li Ming, announced plans for a national standard on blockchain use to ensure the safety of the ecosystem. The standard will include several aspects of the technology, such as applications, business, interoperability, methods, and information security.



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