Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Releases An Update On Bittrex Exchange

The other day, Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson released a brief update on the crypto exchange Bittrex.

The Cardano community also tweeted about this:

The notes continue and say that “We have now enhanced our testing and we are walking through every aspect of the wallet backend. This has led to some massive improvements and these updates should be pushed into the wallet this week. We are also working closely with Bittrex to help fix their difficulties.”

The same blog post notes that the light at the end of the tunnel is that Cardano will be able to solve Bittrex’s concern, but the improvements will also work their way into all other Cardano wallets.

Improving performance across the board

It’s been also highlighted that “This will improve performance across the board which was a fortunate accident in this process. We believe that there will now be a strong chance of resolution soon. We will then continue with benchmarking and performance improvements.”

Check out the video that Hoskinson posted:

Someone said: “Thanks Charles. I trust you 100% with innovation and with the Blockchain. I agree you don’t know holidays 😁 Happy Labor Day.”

One other commenter posted this message: “My main frustration is with Bittrex’s lack of communication with its clients. Why do we have to get our information from you?”

Another person on YouTube said: “Charles! Find a good balance between work and relaxation! You are the captain of a very ambitious project and I am your greatest fan! Look after the team and don’t work too hard! Rome isn’t built in one day! Stay safe stay healthy.”

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